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MKX-V XHC CNC Controller

xhc cnc controller  

Performance parameter:

- CPU:Dual-Processors, ARM+FPGA

- Axis output control: Drive Current:Isolated open collector output; 5V, 20mA Drive:Pulse + direction output Output frequency:2000 KHZ (2MHz) Axis:MK3-M4:6-axis Isolation Voltage:3.5KV

- Spindle inverter output Analog voltage output:0-10V PWM output:5V, 1KHZ, Duty; 0-100% Pulse + direction output:5V, 15HZ to 4 KHZ

- Spindle speed input Input:Isolated input, 5V pulse signal Isolation Voltage:3.5KV

- 8 IO output Drive Current:Isolation: 50mA, 25V Isolation Voltage:3.5KV

- 16 IO input Input Current:Isolated inputs, 5 mA, maximum voltage 25V Isolation Voltage:3.5KV Mach3 Port Position:P1 Port USB interface:Complies with USB2.0 standard

- Package box size:275X144X42mm - Weigtht:0.7KG



Installation and instructions

1.Install Mach3 software:

Open "MACH3 Soft" folder below the "Mach3Version3.043.066" file, click on the installation of software,
automatic installation.
2.Drive automatic installer
Open "XHC-MKX-V- Drive automatic installer" folder, Click Drive automatic installer,but the MACH3 software must be C hard disk
3.Copy interface file:

Open the "MACH3- interface" folder, select "4 axis"or "6 axis" folder,Copy files according to instructions. Then start the Mach3
software, click on the" view "option, select" load interface ", then select the " XHC-4cy3.set ".


English Manual



Mach3 config file

1、If you buy the MK3- 3 axis control card, please copy the mach3mill.xml file in the 3 axis MK3 configuration file to the C:Mach3\directory;
2、If you buy the MK4- 4 axis control card, please copy the mach3mill.xml file in the 4 axis MK4 configuration file to the C:Mach3\directory;
3、If you buy the MK6- 6 axis control card, please copy the mach3mill.xml file in the 6 axis MK6 configuration file to the C:Mach3\directory;

Usb card driver-v2.38.9

1.the NcUsbPod.dll is card driver file,please copy it to the mach3\plugins directory;

2.the M930.m1s is probez surface file,please copy it to the mach3\micro\mach3mill directory;

3.the mach3mill.xml is mach3 configure file ,please copy it to the mach3 directory


Release Notes for XHC MACH3 USB Motion Card

XHC NcUsbPod.dll is the Driver of XHC USB CARD for MACH3 cnc control system.
You could control your cnc machine through my usb card.it is compatible with
mach3 usb ncpod device.
USB full speed Interface
4/6 Axis Step/Direction Output
8 General Purpose Outputs
1 PWM Output for Spindle Speed Control
4/6 Home Inputs
16 General Purpose Inputs
Status LEDs
Up to 2000Khz Steps/Second

release notes:
V2.58.2 2017.6.4
fixed the home not back problem.
V2.58.1 2017.4.17
1.close PWM when spindle speed is zero
V2.58 2017.4.6
1.modify the single home with backware distance.
2.save work zero with user opinion

V2.56 2017.2.6
sovle the G03 command path error problem in some condition.please don't pause or stop when file is running g03 arc code.
or mach3 will make error path!
V2.55 2016.11.23
add information display "device error trigger" when usb device communication error.

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