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The computer can’t download files to OP320 Xinjie text display

It is possible that the COM port is not selected, it can be set in the text editing software, or whether other programming software is open, which will occupy the COM port. Or the text editing software version is incorrect. Xinjie programming port is RS232; Xinjie has a matching communication line. There is a COM […]

OP320-A XINJE Touchwin Operate Panel STN LCD single color 20 keys

OP320-A XINJE Touchwin Operate Panel STN LCD single color 20 keys new in box                              1, package included: 1pcs OP320-A TouchWin Operate panel new in box; 1pcs downloading programming cable(Only offer it free when you ask for after order. Not ship it default. The communication cable is not included, if you need, please contact us and inquiry […]

op320-a software download

op320-a software download Text Display OP320 manual Software OP20v6.5y Software OP20v8.0q Example Connect s7200 plc https://lolletteshop.wordpress.com/2018/08/24/op320-a-software-download/https://www.xueplc.com/check more here about op320-a