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Siemens PLC programming M2.7

The Siemens plc programming software supports the new CP243-1 (6GK7 243-1-1EX01-0XE0). A new Internet wizard is implemented with the following improvements: Support for BootP and DHCP, support for logins and passwords for email servers. Siemens plc programming software for remote programming, diagnostics or data transfer. Profibus DP Master/Slave, ProfibusFMS and LONWorks have been integrated into […]

Siemens PLC programming I_DI, DI_R, DIV_R, CTCH, MUL_R, ROUND

I_DI, integer (INT) to double integer (DINT) DI_R, double integer (DINT) to floating point number (real number REAL) DIV_R, floating point number (REAL) division CTCH, this instruction was not found; MUL_R, floating point number (REAL) multiplication ROUND, floating point number (REAL) rounded to double integer (DINT) I, INT, (single) integer; DI, ie DINT, double integer; […]

How to transfer the program from Siemens plc

1, installation, V4.0 STEP 7 MicroWIN programming software. 2, prepare a programming cable for 200PLC, 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0 3. After the programming line and the PLC are connected, the PLC is powered on, open the software, and click to set the PC/PG interface in the navigation bar. Select the PPI protocol, then select the USB port […]

Siemens PLC shortcuts

1, beginning with F: F1: Get help. F2: The ladder diagram enters the edit mode. F3: The ladder diagram enters the operation mode. F4: Compile the program. F5: Normally open contact input. F6: Normally closed contact input. F7: Coil output. F8: Function command input. F9: Horizontal line input. 2, Shift related: Shift+F3: The ladder diagram […]