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Connect S7 300 to a PC Station via ethernet

WINCC Ethernet connects with S7-300

The usual S7-300 only needs the MPI port and no Ethernet port. The MPI Ethernet converter can change the MPI port of the S7-300 to Ethernet and connect with the host computer, and the cost is much cheaper than the price of the CP5611 card.

The driver selected on WINCC is TCP/IP (AUTO). The driver selected on the configuration network is S7-300 series TCP. It is completely the same as Siemens CP343-1 in other monitoring software.

Due to the external characteristics of ETH-MPI on its Ethernet side, it is exactly the same as Siemens CP343. Using the Siemens RPOFINET protocol, it is able to connect to the high-level software of today’s mainstream, without the need for additional drivers.

The S7-300 TCP protocol is now integrated in these softwares.