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single axis stepper motor controller kit


The STPMC1 device functions as an energy calculator and is an ASSP designed for effective energy measurement in power line systems utilizing Rogowski, current transformer, Shunt or Hall current sensors. Used in combination with one or more STPMSx ICs, it implements all the functions needed in a 1-, 2- or 3-phase energy meter. It can be coupled with a microprocessor for multi-function energy meters, or it can directly drive a stepper motor for a simple active energy meter. The calculator has five input data pins. The first three receive the voltage and current information of the phases. In fact, each data input processes two ΔΣ signals, multiplexed in time and generated by the STPMSx device. The fourth input receives multiplexed ΔΣ signals also, and can be used to sense the neutral current or another signal – temperature, for example. The fifth input data pin accepts non-multiplexed ΔΣ signals and it can be used for sensing the magnetic field information from a Hall sensor. Four internal hard-wired DSP (digital signal processing) units perform all the computations on the ΔΣ streams in real time by means of ΔΣ arithmetic blocks. This allows the achievement of very high computation precision with fast and efficient digital architecture. All the data recorded by the STPMC1 are accessible through an SPI port, which is also used to configure and calibrate the device. The configuration and calibration data can be saved in a 112-bit OTP block, or dynamically set in microprocessor-based meters.

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The main reason is that the program written by PLC has made mistakes, some of which may be logical errors, or may be input errors. You have to check it out.
Programmable logic controller (programmable logic controller), which uses a class of programmable memory used in its internal storage program, executes user oriented instructions such as logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operation, and controls various types of machinery or production process by digital or analog input / output.

CNC 4 Axis TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Board 5A Adjustable, DC 12~48V Power

  1. Integrated high-speed microcomputer intelligent control chip, Pluggable LCD monitor with the handle, Automatic detection, Computer-controlled movement, Automatically shield handle control functions, Digital display can simultaneously track and record the Computer Data and the data from the handle controlling movement.
  2. the path of the computer tracking records, time records can be run in the computer processing to save the processed data off-line automatic repeat the processing run;
  3. Manually move the processing and record keeping, traceability records manually move the machine data, and automatically repeat the process run manually move the path;
  4. manual data input processing path, and run automatically enter the path;
  5. the tool setting of XYZ axis and Z axis can finish automatically, without complicated computer software operation controlling.
  6. Stepper motor drive current up to 5A, 8-speed adjustable;
  7. Up to 16 segments, more accurate, run more smoothly;
  8. Automatic protection function for Overload, Overcurrent, Overtemperature, automatic semi-flow control, fully protect your computer and peripherals;
  9. Bipolar constant current chopper drive, No creeping phenomenon when Low speed, Less noise, Non-resonant region;
  10. Fully enclosed optical isolation, Two-stage signal processing, Fully protect your computers and devices.;
  11. 1 Channel 0~10V/PWM speed control signal output ;
  12. 5 channels input control, can set limit, emergency stop, setting tool and so on.
Electrical properties (ambient temperature Tj = 25 Celsius Degree):
Input power
12 – 48V DC power supply
Output current
4.5A (peak 5A)
Driven approach
Bipolar constant-current PWM drive output
Drive Motor
42, 57, 86 stepper motor, two-phase/4-phase (4-wire, 6 wire, 8 wire stepper motor)
About 300g.
Breakdown of table:
sm578-breakdown of table
Signal waveform and timing:
sm578-signal waveform and timing
Interface marked detail in Figure
sm578-interface marked detail in figure1
sm578-interface marked detail in figure2
Package included:
1 x 4 Axis TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver
6 x Wire connectors
1 x Cable
1 x CD software(English Manual & Mach 3)
This package don’t include the digital display and the handle. The below picture is just a using Demo.

AM882 Stepper Drive Stepping Motor Driver 80V 8.2A with Sensorless Detection Leadshine

Leadshine AM882 Stepper Drive 80V 8.2A with Sensorless Detection

The AM882 is a versatility fully digital stepping drive based on a DSP with advanced control algorithm. The AM882 is the next generation of digital stepping motor controls. It brings a unique level of system smoothness, providing optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability. Motor self-test and parameter auto-setup technology offers optimum responses with different motors and easy-to-use. The driven motors can run with much smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement than most of the drives in the markets. Its unique features make the AM882 an ideal solution for applications that require low-speed smoothness.
The AM882 builds the *sensorless stall detection function to eliminate the cost of feedback device and cabling. Apart from the auto configuration, it has extra 16 selectable built-in auto-configuration parameters which are best match to Leadshine stepping motors.

– Sensorless tall detection, eliminates cost of feedback device and cabling(>300RPM)
– Fault output back to motion controllers.
– Anti-Resonance, provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability
– Motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration technology, offers optimum responses with different motors
– Built-in auto-configuration parameters for Leadshine stepping motors: 57HS09, 57HS13, 57HS22, 86HS35, 86HS38, 86HS45, and 86HS85
– Multi-Stepping allows a low resolution step input to produce a higher microstep output for smooth system performance
– Besides programmable microstep resolutions from full-step to 102,400 steps/rev, there are also 7 DIP switch settings: 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200, 6,400, 12,800, and 25,600 steps/rev
– Besides programmable output current from 0.1A to 8.2A, there are also 7 DIP setting output current settings: 2.7A, 3.6A, 4.6A, 5.5A, 6.4A, 7.3A,8.2A
– Supply voltage up to +80 VDC,
– Pulse/direction input frequency up to 200 KHz
– TTL compatible and optically isolated input
– Automatic idle-current reduction and software configured reduction rate
– Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motorsOver-voltage, over-current, phase-error protections
– Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes
– Over-voltage, over-current, phase-error protections
Applications :
Suitable for a wide range of stepping motors, from NEMA frame size 17 to 34. It can be used in various kinds of machines, such as laser cutters, laser markers, high precision X-Y tables, labeling machines, and so on. Its unique features make the AM882 an ideal solution for applications that require both low-speed smoothness and high speed performances.
Connecting the Motor
The AM882 can drive any 2-pahse and 4-pahse hybrid stepping motors.
Wiring Notes
– In order to improve anti-interference performance of the drive, it is recommended to use twisted pair shield cable.
– To prevent noise incurred in PULSE/DIRECTION signal, pulse/direction signa- wires and motor wires should not be tied up together. It is better to separate them by at least 10 cm, otherwise the disturbing signals generated by motor will easily disturb pulse direction signals, causing motor position error, system instability and other failures.
– If a power supply serves several drives,separately connecting the drives is recommended instead of daisy-chaining.
– It is prohibited to pull and plug connector P2 while the drive is powered ON, because there is high current flowing through motor coils (even when motor is at standstill). Pulling or plugging connector P2 with power on will cause extremely high back-EMF voltage surge, which may damage the drive.
Package Included:
– 1 AM882 stepper Drive
– 1 RS232 cable for possible tuning from PC
– Free tuning software available to download from Leadshine website
or Leadshine USA website
– 12-month warranty.