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MRES switch problem

MRES switch how the operation will clear the data and procedures PLC400.

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1 memory card inserted in the bottom of the CPU. CPU requires the machine to reset (LED STOP lamp slowly flashing).
2 switch the switch to MRES and keep it there (about 9 seconds) until the LED STOP light continues to shine.
3 in the next 3 seconds must be switched off, and once again to MRES. LED STOP lights flashing in the process of removing.
Specific operation reference:
“Introduction to the S7-300CPU memory card and the use of memory cards (updated version)” to understand: (2007.12.28)
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/searchResult.aspx? SearchText=A0097?
Introduction to download:
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/searchResult.aspx? SearchText=A0053?
“MMC card data read and write (updated version) (2008.01.17) > Download
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/searchResult.aspx? SearchText=A0113?

WINCC no landing window

This is based on the WINCC PCS7 landing, the installation of the CEMAT version number is 7.1SP1, the selection of the 007 library. Before the project is a good, normal use. For some reason, today I will reinstall the computer system, in accordance with the step, CEMAT also re installed, but when the project is running WINCC, found that even the landing window are not, also below the toolbar also shows only a part, do not know what was the problem, reply.
Picture Description: 1, user management 2, PROJECT OS is also normal 3, landing interface

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Operating system service is not running, reinstall the system, do not ghost, complete installation

S7-400PLC program lost

The S7-400PLC program under what conditions will be lost, if the PLC power supply and power supply immediately, will not have lost PLC program.

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1, if the PLC power supply, power supply immediately, will cause the PLC program is lost?
If there is no backup battery or flash memory card (prior backup), will cause the loss of the PLC program.
2, the relevant S7-400 data retention mechanism:
See “CPU S7-400 and 318-2 CPU CPU data retention” download:
Http://support.automation.siemens.com/CN/llisapi.dll? Func=cslib.csinfo&objId=23750626&load=treecontent&lang=zh&siteid=cseus&aktprim=0&objaction=csview&extranet=standard&viewreg=CN?
“The use of CPU S7300/400 backup battery” download:
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/docMessage.aspx? ID=1283&loginID=&srno=&sendtime=?
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/SearchResult.aspx? SearchText=A0071?
See download:
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/docMessage.aspx? ID=1265&loginID=&srno=&sendtim?

PLC STOP switch problem

Can not use the program or other settings to prohibit the use of ST0P outside the S7-400PLC or MRES switches.

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Can not. This can only be considered from the system or external equipment, such as:
1, the development of relevant operating system
2, to the PLC cabinet lock

WINCC status display problem

Through the 400PLC control of a WINCC status display, but in WICC do not see the connection variables of him and PLC, is indeed WICC internal variables seen in WICC, this is what he shows the status of the PLC through what way, is not through C script or VB script to achieve, how should the specific find?

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WINCC comes with the tool which has a diagnosis channel tool, if WinCC and PLC communication is normal, then show green. Methods of operation: start – SIMATIC – WINCC – TOOLS – diagnosis channel
Reference: “PLC link WinCC, the same variable appear in different states”
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/service/answer/solution.aspx? Q_ID=69517&cid=1032?
“WinCC and PLC communication status display”
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SIEMENS PID parameter settings why the same procedure as the PID parameters, but the output value of the change is not the same

The master station set up a PID control valve is P=5 I =5 D=0 control is stable, can be output to the maximum and minimum values, but also I have a program through my 200 and Mudbus communications, from the station of PID is the same as the PID parameter value is written from the master station through the station, but is P=80 I =5 D=0 from the station to output to the maximum and minimum values, or PID reaction is very slow

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Because PID is required to detect the amount of feedback in real time ah! Is not entirely determined by your parameters, but also to see the feedback of the data in order to achieve closed loop ah! You two are not the same system, the same parameters, and finally the results are not the same as normal ah!

SIMATIC S7-CP PtP Param V5.1

S7-CP PtP Param V5.1 SIMATIC how to install, how I can not hold up

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1, I would like to ask how to properly install PtP Param V5.1 Sp8 CP:
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/service/answer/solution.aspx? Q_ID=68387&cid=1029?
2, see the answers to similar questions:
Http://www.automation.siemens.com.cn/Service/answer/solution.aspx? Q_ID=97625&cid=1027?

SMART SR60 S7-200 how to use the PWM function

Relay type output can use PWM function?

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1, Smart specification, as shown in figure 1.
2, pulse width modulation (PWM) output cycle. If the time is millisecond range allowed is 2 to 65535; if the time is microseconds, range allowed is 10 to 65535.
PWM belong to the pulse output, can not be used to see your output frequency high or low! Since you want to use PWM want to output frequency is not low, then it is not recommended to use the relay type output PWM function!

How to determine the direction of movement of the Q0_0_MoveAbsolute

Q0_0_MoveAbsolute is not like Q0_0_Movevelocity in the direction of the input, then it is how to determine the direction of motion

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This is the absolute position of the directive, directly through the next set of positive and negative to determine the positive and negative

How to install SIMATIC automation license

I installed V5.5+sp2 STEP7 after the start, said not to install license SIMATIC automation, installed when I installed the V5.1+sp1+upd3, but I do not see my software

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The authorization manager will when installing the STEP7 software installed at the same time, in the beginning of your program — –STEP7 find the authorization manager manually start a lot when the authorization manager cannot be used because the installed software conflicts, led to the authorization manager cannot use.