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How to install SIMATIC automation license

I installed V5.5+sp2 STEP7 after the start, said not to install license SIMATIC automation, installed when I installed the V5.1+sp1+upd3, but I do not see my software

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The authorization manager will when installing the STEP7 software installed at the same time, in the beginning of your program — –STEP7 find the authorization manager manually start a lot when the authorization manager cannot be used because the installed software conflicts, led to the authorization manager cannot use.

How to add comments in the function block attribute

Is the function or function block object properties in the “notes” how to add notes, I want to customize some commonly used function block in the database, if a long time do not know how to use, you want to add a comment.

Problem supplement:
I don’t want to ask how to address assignment comment block, I asked the right click, then click the “object” can see some block attribute, but the “notes” column is gray, you cannot edit the display only, my intention is to leave comments on this. It is the comment of the block rather than the address, the variable.
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Problem supplement:
If you have already assigned a comment to the block, the comment is displayed here.
I can!
FC block in the properties of the notes, how to write it?
You only need to open the FC function, fill in the title bar you want to annotate the content, and then save.
At this point you open the FC property to the comment bar is the desired content.

Plcs7-200 analog module EM231 can measure the frequency of the signal it

Plcs7-200 analog module EM231 can measure the frequency of the signal it

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The analog module can measure the voltage (0-10V, 0-5V) and current (0-20mA, 4-20mA) signal, if your frequency signal through the circuit (such as inverter frequency signal into a current signal output) into the current or voltage signal, then can be measured: for example EM231 0~100HZ corresponding to 0~20mA

Cpu222cn can be followed by two analog modules EM231cn?

Cpu222cn can be followed by two analog module EM231cn? The CPU connection is connected to EM231, then EM231 is connected with a EM231, then EM231 CP receiving module, which can meet, know to say ah, recently has been working on this problem, the programming software can only detect two analog modules, while CP can not be detected, if removed a simulation module, CP can be detected, this is why?
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Cpu222cn can only bring up to two modules (including the CP module), for 224 of the bar

How to read data with WinCC

Own a WINCC, used to read several temperature S7 program online, the online diagnosis tool software WinCC, two green checkmark above, below the red lightflashing. A WinCC online now. Just read the temperature on the interface and otherfeatures are not, should be inserted into the input field is, right? (This step please little) Please understand.

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Yes, your diagnosis indicates that the WinCC and PLC communications properly, you need to build variable connection in connection with the WinCC PLC address of the temperature, and then insert the WinCC screens IO domain, IO IO domain in the domain properties into the output field, WinCC and connection of an external variable (address of the temperature of the corresponding PLC). Last run WinCC can.

How to call S7-300 function block

Front fork function blocks in the data reference is not called if they are able to call what should call

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Front fork features may indeed have not been called, or be called indirectly.
Indirect calls, such as UC FC [#TEMP3] depending on the #TEMP3 value calls different FC.
If it does not call directly in ladder diagrams can be added to the program.

SP1 wincc7.0 stuck

Wincc7.0 SP1 when you deactivate “alarm system” stuck not moving
1. project integration
2. the path of Chinese characters
3. alarm: configuration operator records
Two. OS project editor: Select message configuration and complete configuration only difference?

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You have I encountered this situation, there was an acceptance of the WINCC project, but now I want to use OS project editor build. phenomena like the PCS7 results screen layout as the same. Later deleted images with @, which is generated by OS Editor, and a manually created picture set as the initial screen. Then run just fine. OS project editor is not recommended, more trouble, though they can build as in PCS7 picture layout

CP341 hangs on ET200M, how to software distribution?

Now in a redundant system, CPU414-4H ET200M module using PROFIBUS communication, but need to use Modbus communication, I can see document said ET200M CP341 Modbus master, then practice again to field devices, hardware configuration was introduced, but at the time of software, still called the FC functions directly?

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Use consistent and in 300.
CP341 PTP driver is first needed, PTP driver installs CP340/341 function blocks required for programming, PTP driver supplied with the CP341 module, can also be downloaded from the following link: http://support.automation.siemens.com/CN/view/zh/27013524 CP341 order the MODBUS MODBUS communications need to Dangle the hardware dog Dangle with MODBUS master/slave driver, from Siemens download, http://support.automation.siemens.com/CN/view/zh/27774018

How to use CPU224XP to control the bar code printer and scanning gun

Use CPU224XP control bar code printer and scanner, and requires induction to a product, PLC automatically generates an automatic increase bar code and automatically check for the right bar code scanner, what should I do, what hardware it needs background

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First of all you need 2 communication ports do free traffic and bar code printer, andscanner communication
Because 224XP traffic levels are 485, you should determine whether your printer interface is 485, as most are 232 interface of the scanner, if it is 232, you need to buy a232 to 485 module and DP communication port connection PLC,

Can the WINCC6,0 system be shared with a BA monitoring system on a computer?

Used to be 2 computers, a DDC system control computer, a PLC and is related withWINCC6.0 computer, BA monitor computer access communication through OPC Protocol; now combined in one computer, can achieve? Will there be conflict database?
Also, WINCC6.0 as the server, can be more than one computer at the same time as the client access?

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As the server can be accessed by multiple clients.
And on a computer, they should be able to. Databases do not conflict.

3TK2983-0BB4 product manual

Getting 3TK2983-0BB4 product brochures,

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To look at here:
http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objId=22926038&nodeid0=20358221&prodLstObjId=22926038&subtype=133400&lang=de&siteid=cseus&aktprim=0& objaction=csviewtd&extranet=standard&viewreg=WW&selectedLang;22926038=1&switchLang;22926038;6.x=1&langex=zh

how to SIEMENS 300PLC connect with the servo motor

Companies have been using the Siemens 300PLC a connection before Mitsubishi servo motor. I 300PLC put the FM module. Servo servo controller. Because we are theowners of reason. Not the manufacturer. At that time I was responsible for some simple maintenance and troubleshooting. What are other people doing. But I feel that I still do not understand. I want to ask the friend can understand about the theory,wiring, hardware, which modules are used, there is a program, which features blocksused, and servo control parameters and the settings of the above?

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1, the details in the following document:
See the FM357-2 multi-axis positioning template getting started download:
2, look at this, S110 products:
http://www2.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/HTML/Download2.aspx? EntryId= 785f7e386c980935d586cd2146cb809ba4b9712f01643cf3b92ed95df916c1bd58e4505854130119962222e7f6ee3b136caed2a8512a9361239ad5b0f2b1742decfb6cdf745171beef3c0238ec169fcd3ff3d84942ee3e84cd3c0de093161d52 &DocCode=5079

How to use the 300plc as master and 200PLC as slave station of DP group

Using a 300plc CPU 314C-2DP now call the shots and do 3 sets of 200plc CPU is 226DP network from a station group. DP communication module uses EM277. now have a problem, when I try with a 200plc network, there is no problem, but not more than two. I configured the hardware download into 300plc (OB withoutprogramming), the SF light red, and push the switch to the RUN, but forced toSTOP. Don’t know what to do?

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3 EM277 address is not the same, and with 300 addresses are not the same. EM277code consistent with the configuration of your address.
SF lights, can be viewed online access to the Diagnostics buffer failure cause

How to communicate MPI line with MPI port

CP5711 with MPI cable plug in MPI, PG/PC automatically State, the properties startnetwork detection connection into a DP can detect communication. Then a DP lineconnecting 5711 with the MPI port, test, ask why? MPI line DP 4 more than 5 feet, are here for a reason. Venue is the desk.

Supplementary question:
PG/PC select 5711 automatic State, do not need to set parameters and properties start network detection can detect MPI/DP, rate, and so on. Even CPU MPI with MPI thread is now no, Profibus cable. Two wire DP will do. Really do not understand.
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CP5711 card options and settings in Step7 software
CP5711, the first note cards establish communication with the CPU, you have to use MPI or Profibus cable as the cable CPU and CP5711 card connecting cable. open “SIMATIC Manager”, click “Options” in the drop down menu to find the “SetPG/PC Interface …”
(A) If select and CPU connected of is MPI interface, at S7ONLINE (STEP7)-> for CP5711 card (MPI), then click button set MPI of property, set MPI interface property, select MPI interface of communications Porter rate, note here of Porter rate must to and actual to communications of CPU MPI mouth actual of Porter rate same, using cable connection good CPU and CP5711 card Hou can judge is can found network Shang of site, click button Into network diagnostic screen and click on the button, you cansee on the Web site, viewed 2 times after Setup is complete “OK”, Step7 message click on the “OK” finished setting up a PG/PC Interface, you can set up a PC with CPUcommunication, CP5711 card card LEDs flash when normal communication.
(B) is connected to the CPU if you choose Profibus interface, select, and S7ONLINE (STEP7)-> CP5711 card (PROFIBUS), set the Profibus port properties and click on thebutton, set the Profibus interface properties, if PG/PC is the only master station select, and then select the communication baud rate Profibus interface, note the baud rate must be here and the actual communication of CPU Actual baud rate the same DP,test method and MPI communicates with sites on the Internet the same way. viewed2 times after Setup is complete “OK”, then click “OK” finished setting up a PG/PC Interface, you can set up a PC with CPU communication, CP5711 card card LEDs flashwhen normal communication.
According to the detected baud rate according to the first two methods set the interface to establish communication with the CPU or you can use “CP5711 (Auto)” communication.
See you in the PG/PC setting in the Interface.

How to rewrite before upload TP270-10 touch screen

Touch-screen TP270-10 backup file in PSD format what software do I use to rewriteWINCC2008 read-only can be converted to HMI HMI format PSD format file formathow do you rewrite TP270 touch-screen uploaded back

Supplementary question:
New editors can do WINCC2008 written with WINCC HMI HMI format is the formatcan do what to touch-screen communication

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PSD-format file is a compiled file, you can only download to new touch-screen, butcannot be modified.

How to rewrite the TP270-10 touch-screen file backup

Now Wincc2008B version but only read out touch-screen HMI format files are PSD format from touch-screen of the PSD file format how to rewrite and then pass into the touch screen now only backup to restore in the touch-screen how to change out

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Only install the touch screen SD card and return is enabled when the program downloaded in the original function, can only upload HMI-formatted file that you can edit. Or you can upload PSD is not editable.

S7300 hardware configuration and module power consumption calculation method

With S7300 313C of CPU added IM365 again extended a machine frame. 313C itself since with 24DI16DO and the simulation entered output 5AI/2AO, see Configuration Manual above CPU behind can placed 8 a module, wants to will about, CPU itself integrated of I/O surface to except did? is regardless of is what CPU Hou end are can placed 8 a module, (manual Shang CPU right shall not installation eight a above of module (SM, and FM, and CP). The cumulative power of the module installed on the rack at S7-300 on the backplane bus must not exceed 1.2 a. ) Cumulative power don’t know what refers all 5V power consumption on a rack? don’t know understand,digital input not available 5V power consumption, only digital outputs and analog inputs and outputs can be found to the 5V power consumption values, use the IM365 extended time frame 1 module can only receive signals; the cumulative current load limits
1.2 a, Bay 1 maximum current of 0.8 a, understandable Bay 0 1.2A Bay 1 maximum can only be calculated 0.8A is it?

The best answer
1, rack according to how many modules problem?
CPU rack called a host when the host rack I/O module (up to 8) of control points is not enough, you can add 1-3 extension rack, each extension rack up to 8 I/O modules, 3 rack up to 24 I/O extension modules.
2, the S7-300 on the backplane bus must not exceed 1.2 a question?
Host backplane bus current is provided by the CPU modules in order to enable theCPU to find the module. Expansion rack backplane bus current is by extension Rackinterface module (IM) to offer. Note that the 5V power supply not power supply module, look know, power supply module is not u-bus connector, CPU modules and extend the rack interface module (IM) u have a backplane bus connector.
U-S7-300 backplane bus connector role and delivers 5V power supply, another roleof the bus connector is communications bus.
No need to take into account the cumulative current load for 5VDC, 8 I/O modulesdo not exceed the sum of 1.2 a/0.8 a Max.
In other words, the CPU module and interface module (IM) up to 8 I/O modules can be installed on the right side, the CPU module and the control module (IM) completely has the ability to provide maximum load 5V power supply.
3, or about 1.2 a 0.8 a?
CPU module with extended Rack interface module (IM) to provide 5V power supply1.2 a/0.8 a, respectively.

Causes and prevention methods of electric line fire

Electrical fire caused by line failure is common for many reasons, mainly below for everyone to resolve the main cause of electric lines caught fire and prevention measures.

A main cause of the fire, electrical lines:

(A) short circuit. So-called short circuit is the circuit of communication two wires touch each other, current does not pass through the line of electrical equipment, and form a loop. Due to the resistance of the wire itself is relatively small, if only throughthe wires of the circuit current will increase rapidly, dozens of times, hundreds of times times greater than normal. Such a large current through a thin wire, due to greater resistance, generated more heat, in a very short period of time the wire has reached thousands of degrees Celsius temperature enough to ignite nearby flammablematerial, causing fire. Is caused by short circuit due to transmission lines used for too long, insulation aging, cracking, loss of insulation, two dash lines; or because thewiring, wire “coat” mechanical damage, causing a short circuit.

(B) poor contact. Due to poor wire joints, causing the line to excessive contact resistance heating fires. Every circuit connector or wire is connected between, or wires and switches, insurance or using equipment. If the connector is not good, would impede the flow of electric charge in the wire, and generate a lot of heat. When these hot enough to melt the wires insulation layer, the insulation would burst into flames and ignited nearby combustibles.
(C) circuit overload. Certain material and cross-sectional area of the wire and have some safe carrying capacity. If the current exceeds its safe carrying capacity of the wire, wires will heat up. Than the more heat the more. When the heat wire temperature exceeding 250 ℃, wire and rubber or plastic insulation fire burning. If a wire “jacket” damage, will cause a short circuit, the greater risk of fire. In addition, if a substandard fuse, circuit overload not found in time, risk becomes a reality.
(D) line leakage. Due to poor insulation of the wire insulation or on scaffolds, wiresand conductors or conductors and the Earth between trace current through. Peopleoften say, leak electricity is a serious phenomenon of leakage. Leakage when Miss spark and temperature can also be the ignition source of the fire.
(E) the spark and arc. Electric spark discharge between the extremes results; arc is formed by the huge swarms of EDM, temperatures can reach 3,000 degrees Celsius or more. Overhead wires swing in the wind, or in case of tree branches slapping, or in case of vehicle when hanging, make two lines touch, discharge, spark, ARC will occur.In addition, the leakage current of insulated wires, wire breakage, short circuit, grounding point and loose wire connections will spark, arc. These electric spark, electric arc, if falling on the combustible, inflammable and may cause a fire.
(F) the cable caught fire. Cable is will burning, is because laying cable Shi its protection lead skin by injury; or in run in the cable of insulation body by mechanical damage, caused cable core and cable core Zhijian or cable core and lead skin Zhijian of insulation body was breakdown and produced arc, led cable of insulation material jute cover occurred burning; or for cable long time overload makes cable insulation performance reduced even lost insulation performance, occurred insulation breakdown and makes cable burning; or because three-phase power system will be three core cable as single core cable using, That Vortex, lead, aluminum skin heating or melting, caused by burning.

Second, the measures to prevent electrical wiring caught fire

(A) in accordance with the required lines. Install electrical wiring must be installed instrict accordance with the electrical regulations, specifically laying electrical lines. Electricians must be certified.

(B) select the correct electrical line. According to the work-life needs, possible loadof suitable specification of electrical lines, don’t over ground for cheap or poor quality wire. Selection of wiring to check whether is a qualified product.
(C) the safe use of electrical wiring. Installed electrical wiring, you cannot just pull, loaded, power out GE, increase the amount of electricity load of the entire line. Note about using the maximum load of the circuit, during use must not exceed this limit, or likely to cause an accident.
(D) always check the electrical circuit. Insist on regular checks, every once in a while is to consult a specialized electrician to help check the electrical wiring, insulation damage found and repaired in a timely manner. Wire age is 10-20 years, and found that age must be replaced immediately.
(E) choose safe electrical switches. To use factor high air switch, try not to use the knife switch. Knife switch on the switch will spark, prone to danger. Choose air switchpower protection role. When fuses are used, to choose the right fuse to avoid failure, the current increases, which can shut off the current.

How to detect the leakage of the line?

General Household circuit, leakage power line zero leakage, if the said method, see:

Electrical lines because of the long service life, it will cause the insulation, insulatorsdamaged, damp or worn insulation layer, produced on the line leakage. In total by one meter on the switch, remove the load and connect the load switch.
If ammeter pointer swings, description line leakage. Cut off the line;
If ammeter pointer does not change between the wire and the earth leakage;
If ammeter pointer back to zero, indicating between FireWire and zero leakage;
If the ammeter indicates smaller, but not zero, it indicates that the line with the zeroline, the line of fire and earth leakage. Remove the branch fuse or operation gate, ammeter, indicates the same leakage indicates that bus; the ammeter indicates zero instructions shunt leakage; the ammeter indicates small, but not zero, it indicates that bus and the shunt leakage. Fixed leakage after the tap, then pull off the lineswitch. When snap to a switch, ammeter, indicates zero, indicating that the line leakage if leakage and elsewhere are also small note that line leakage if all the switchesare pulled off, ammeter that indicates no change indicates that the route of the lineleakage.

If a switch, GFCI tripping, such leakage is the line, check as follows:

1. disconnect the switch, close the General gates, closed one by one separation, which, GFCI jump, is that road has a problem

2. disconnect the appliance plug, plug the electrical plug, which cause the plug to trip, is the question of which electric
3. turn off the lights, lights one by one, into which light caused tripping is the lamp(or line) problems
If the closing does not immediately tripped, for a long time, trip, and trip time inconsistent, which is zero leakage, more professional methods, with Megger (if all the electrical disconnect the plug from the socket or tripping problem should be in line)
Method: take the zero line apart, switch off all, megohmmeter individually check each insulation to ground zero lines, after you identify the problem line, then look at the dedicated line is directly what are the electrical wiring (such as lights or air conditioners) to check if none of electrical business, is the line wrong, only for the line.
Leakage can produce strong electro-magnetic induction lines and wires, you can use a magnetic needle on a piece of paper, and put it to the test site, if the needle deflects to explain.
Electroprobe and multimeter to the most simple tools, best family lines with leakageprotection.