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Type of PLC cable and name of various connectors

PLC communication, commonly used serial communication, Ethernet communication, fieldbus communication. In serial communication, it is divided into D port and USB port. The D port is a nine-pin type, the needle is called a male port, and the mouth is called a female port. There are three protocols: RS232, RS422 and RS485. No communication protocol, […]

How to collect analog input in Delta plc

Delta plc analog input In addition to the host, you must also have an delta plc analog AD module. According to the manual, make the corresponding settings for the module (TO command). Use the FROM command to read the digital signal after analog-to-digital conversion of the AD module Example: Input 0-20MA module conversion number is […]


The main reason is that the program written by PLC has made mistakes, some of which may be logical errors, or may be input errors. You have to check it out. Programmable logic controller (programmable logic controller), which uses a class of programmable memory used in its internal storage program, executes user oriented instructions such […]

PLC positive and negative ladder

Mitsubishi PLC X000 is the forward button, X001 is the reverse button, X002 is the stop button; Y000, Y001 for the PLC output, then two AC contactor KM1, KM2 to control the motor reversing Siemens PLC program I0.0 is the forward rotation button, I0.1 is the reverse rotation button, I0.2 is the stop button; Q0.0, […]

What is PLC?

PLC = Programmable, Logic, Controller, programmable logic controller, an electronic system for digital operation, designed for use in industrial environments. It uses a programmable memory, used in its internal storage procedures to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user oriented instructions, and through digital or analog input / […]

6RA70 equipment, in the direction of the times police F030!

A company 6RA70 equipment, in the direction of the times police F030!Problem supplement:My equipment is reversible rolling mill, each time the alarm F030 is the time to change, and sometimes just change the alarm, and sometimes to go for a while and then alarm, alarm reset after the normal work! Best answerFault F030:Detection of current […]