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Siemens 200 PLC analog input/output

Analog input/output universal conversion formula you can use the following conversion: Ov = [(Osh – Osl)*(Iv – Isl)/(Ish – Isl)] + Osl Of which: Ov: conversion results Iv: conversion objects Osh: conversion result limit Osl: conversion results lower limit Ish: conversion limit Isl: conversion of lower limit STEP 7-Micro/WIN Programming Tips (Micro/WIN programming skills) Tip38 […]

Siemens PLC analog module usage questions

S7-200 analog input module (EM231,EM235) addressing Each analog expansion module, sorted by extension modules in the order, in which the analog input and output according to different sorting, respectively. Analog data format is one word, so the address must begin with an even number of bytes, precision 12-bit; analog values with the value 0-32000. Input […]

FX series PLC N:N network

FX1N series PLC respectively above the programming port cover plate removed, insert FX1N-485-BD Communications Board seats, according to the following diagram wiring N:N network. · N:N FX series network features, among the PLC network communication without programming, can be realized through simple settings between each PLC status or the value of shares.   • When […]

Mitsubishi FX2N PLC instructions- four-storey elevator control system

1~4 the stairs outside the request button, FU, FD; 1~4 floor SQ1~SQ4 floor signals; In the boot button on the control panel signals; Elevator door opening and closing limit switch. Output signal: Lifting light, Elevator lift AC contactor KM1~KM2, Elevator door AC contactor KM3~KM4, The Bell. 1. upon the request 1-4 outside staircase and elevator […]

Mitsubishi PLC PLS sum PLF directive

PLS (Pulse): rising differential output directive. PLF: falling edge of differential output directive. PLS and PLF command can only be used for the output relays and auxiliary relays (does not include special auxiliary relays). M0 in the figure only in the X0 normally open from open to close (X0 rising edge) when a scan cycle […]

PLC pulse differential instruction using examples

Impulsive differential instruction can be used to test the rising and falling edge of the input pulse, when conditions are met, a narrow pulse signal output. PLS, PLF two instructions. 1 PLS instructions PLS order known as the rising edge of impulsive differential instruction. Its functions are: when a rising edge of the input pulse […]