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What is the meaning of Mitsubishi PLC constant H?

The Mitsubishi PLC constant H represents a hexadecimal number and is mainly used to indicate the operational value of the application function instruction. [extension] K is a symbol indicating a decimal integer. It is mainly used to specify the set value of the timer or counter and the value in the operand of the application […]

Omron PLC data type

Omron PLC data type BOOLAddress of a binary bit – a logical Boolean on or off state. This type is typically used for contacts or coils. CHANNELThis is a special data type, for backward compatibility. It is an address (non-bit) to data of any type (unsigned or signed, one or more words), so can be used in place […]

GX Developer Correct installation method

1, Download GX Developer 8.86 2, enter the registry, delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MITSUBISHI HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MITSUBISHI 3, the installation package should be located in the D disk, unpack the file to the “886” folder 4, close all antivirus software, firewall these two software will affect the installation process of reading and writing files, first shut down the best 5, […]

OYES PLC applied using a small wave soldering machine design

I. OverviewUsually large wave soldering machines, production lines, but some customers such as laboratories, schools, small factories need a small lead-free wave soldering machine. Certain electronic equipment factory developed this product, using the Austrian letter OYES series PLC and touch screen. The device requires three temperature control, a total of three PID, the Austrian letter […]

PLC conduction delay timer instruction (TON)

When the limit switch 1 is set, the indicator 2 ON 180ms (timer clocked). When the accumulated value of the timer 1 (.ACC) reaches 180, 2 lights off, the indicator 3 is turned on, and remains on until the TON instruction is disabled. If you disconnect the timer is timing the limit switch 1, then […]

S7-200 addressing method in PLC programming

       In the S7-200 series, addressing modes are divided into two kinds: direct addressing, and indirection. Direct addressing mode is used directly in the instruction memory or registers the component name and address number, direct to find the data. Indirect addressing is the address pointer is used to access data in the memory, before use, […]

S7-200 PLC Data area

A) digital input and output image area 1. Enter mapping registers (digital input image areas) (I) Digital input image is S7-200CPU for the input signal state opened up a store. Register identifier for the input image I, at the beginning of each scan cycle, CPU to sample the input points and registers the sample values […]

Siemens S7-300/400 PLC Closed-loop control module

1, FM 355 closed–loop control module   FM 355 closed–loop control channel 4, used for pressure, flow, liquid level control, optimum temperature control and PID algorithms. FM 355C analog output is 4 fracture of continuous controller, FM 355 s is 8 digital output point step controllers or pulse. CPU FM 355 people after a disruption […]