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PLC no operation (NOP), program end (END) command

1. no operation (NOP) NOP: no operation NOP instruction is typically used for the following aspects: Specifies a certain sequence content is empty, blank for use; some short circuit the contacts or circuit, as shown in Figure 7.24 (a), (b) shown cut off some of the circuit, as shown in Figure 7.24 (c), (d) shown […]

Link between touch screen and PLC

You what kind of touch screen and PLC, because each brand of touch screen and PLC connector wiring and communication methods are not the same, you get their wiring diagrams and PLC downloading programs, touch–screen computers configured, when creating a new project, will let you choose what to connect plc, what type, and then select […]

PLC selection guide

First, input/output (I/O) point estimate I/O points should be considered when estimating the appropriate margins, usually according to the statistics of the input and output points, adding 10%~20% and Extensible After allowance, as input and output point estimates. Actual orders, according to manufacturer product features of the PLC, the input and output points are rounded. […]

ANB parallel circuit connected between PLC

ANB (circuit) parallel circuits connected in series between the block directive Introductions: (1) front circuit in series with the parallel circuit blocks and ANB instructions. Parallel circuit block starting with the LD or LDI instruction. (2) If multiple parallel circuit blocks in sequence with ANB instructions front circuits connected in series, with no limit to […]

PLC-contact instructions (FNC224~FNC246)

Contact compare total 18 (1) the LD contacts compare this kind of instruction mnemonics, code, and functionality. (2) compare AND contact the class instruction mnemonic, code (3) OR contact instructions OR= instructions for use as shown in Figure 3-93, when X1 is ON, or the current value of the counter is 200, driving Y0. Contact […]

PLC Peripheral devices (SER) instructions (FNC80~FNC89)

Peripherals (SER) instructions include RS serial communication instruction (FNC80), octal data transfer instructions PRUN (FNC81), HEX ASCII conversion instructions → ASCI (FNC82), ASCII HEX → HEX conversion instructions (FNC83), the checksum command CCD (FNC84), an analog input VRRD (FNC85), VRSC setting instructions analog switch (FNC86) and PID Command PID (FNC88) 8 instructions. (1) the octal […]

Mitsubishi FX series PLC transmitted instruction

1) transmitted the instruction MOV instruction is to transfer the data in the source operand to specify the number of target actions, namely [s] → [d]. Figure 1 routing instructions form 2) instruction MOV instructions figure. When X0=ON, and the source operand [s] constant K100 is transmitted to the target actions in element D10. When […]