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S7-300 PLC communication interface PLC Programming

SIMATIC S7-300 with a variety of different communication interfaces:     Multiple communications processor is used to connect AS-i Interface, PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet bus system.     Communications processor is used to connect point to point communication system.     Multi-Point Interface (MPI) integrated in the CPU, for simultaneous connection programmer, PC machine, HMI systems and other SIMATIC S7 / […]

S7-300 Industrial Ethernet PLC programming

CP 343-1 communications processor is the communications processor for SIMATIC S7-300. Sharing CPU communication task and allow other connections. S7-300 through CP 343-1 with the programmer, computers, human-machine interface devices, systems, and other SIMATICS7 SIMATIC S5 programmable system device communication: CP 343-1 communications processor is mounted on the S7-300 DIN rail can also be installed […]

S7-300 PROFIBUS DP system configuration PLC Programming

PROFIBUS DP master system configuration with DP systems can be divided into port, using the communication modules CP master system and the DP system with intelligence from the station. DP master system three kinds of systems with DP port, using the communication modules CP master system in the hardware configuration is basically the same. One 1. […]

PROFIBUS protocol PLC Programming

1, the three main parts of the PROFIBUS protocol: PROFIBUS DP (Distributed I / Os): the master and slave stations using a round-robin of communication, mainly used in manufacturing automation system and field level communication unit.PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation): Power and data communications via bus parallel transmission, mainly used for the process automation system and […]

PLC Multi-Point Interface (MPI) and the global data set PLC Programming

a, multi-point interface (MPI)S7-300 / S7-400 PLC via the MPI interface can be composed of a network, MPI network using global data (Globe Data) communication mode, can be a small amount of data exchange between the PLC. It requires no additional hardware and software, low cost, simple usage.MPI network is used to connect a number […]

Siemens S7 series PLC logic control instruction PLC Ladder Logic

Logic Control Instructions refers jumps and circular logic block instructions. Jump or loop instruction operand is the address label, the address label stating that the program to jump to where the label of up to four characters, the first character must be a letter, the remaining characters can be letters or numbers.An unconditional jump instruction […]