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To simplify and write PLC ladder command statement table ladder program

After simplifying the ladder Instruction Statement List a) LD        01600 AND       00002 LD-NOT    00001 OR-LD AND       00000 OUT       10000 b)LD-NOT    00004 AND       00005 LD         10000 AND       00006 OR-LD AND       00003 LD         00002 AND       00004 OR-LD AND       00001 OUT       10000 c)LD         10000 AND       00003 AND       00004 OR         00001 AND       00000 LD         10000 AND       00001 LD         00003 […]

Art lantern shape PLC Ladder programming and wiring experiment

This article describes an artistic lantern shape PLC ladder programming and wiring experiment described, as follows: 1. Project the necessary equipment, tools, materials PLC: FX2N-32MR 2, the training content:1, project descriptionThe shape of an art lantern demonstration board as shown in Figure 6, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H for the eight lights, […]

Application and characteristics of PLC in control system

What is the meaning of the programmable controller: Acronym PLC programmable controller or PC, is evolved from the early relay logic control system, which constantly absorbing function of the microcomputer technology to growing gradually for complex control tasks. Since 1836 relay came, people began to use it skillfully wire connected with the switching device, constitute […]

PLC ladder programming rules

Although the ladder and relay circuit is similar in structure, elements, symbols and logic control functions and other aspects of phase, but they have many differences, the ladder program has its own rules. 1) Each logical line is always to the left from the bus, and then the contact is connected, the final termination of […]

PLC ladder programming principles and programming methods

(1) Input / output relay, internal auxiliary relays, timers, counters and other devices of the contact can be used repeatedly, without complex program structure to reduce the use of contacts. (2) Each line ladder left the bus started, the coil terminates at the right bus. Contacts are not on the right side of the coil, […]

Siemens PLC S7 300/400 master relays orders

Main control relay (Master Control Relay), abbreviated as MCR. MCR Master relay command is used to control whether normal execution of the instruction in the region, equivalent to a connect and disconnect the “flow“ of the main switch. MCR instruction is not much used, S7-200 is no MCR instruction. MCRA to activate the master relay […]

Siemens plc S7 300/400 ladder logic blocks in calling instructions

CALL in the ladder diagram coil can call functions (FC) or system functions (SFC), the call cannot be passed parameters. Calls can be unconditional, CALL directly connected to the vertical line on the left side of the coil, equivalent to UC in the statement table orders; can also be conditional, condition provided by the control […]

FX2N series PLC analog I/O modules

(1) analog input module FX2N-2AD. The module is a 2–channel voltage input (DC 0~10V,DC 0~5V) or current input (DC 4~20mA), 12-bit high accuracy resolution conversion speed for the 2.5ms/channel. This module occupies 8 I/O point applies FX1N and FX2N, FX2NC series. (2) analog input module FX2N-4AD. The module has 4 input channel, 12-bit resolution. Select […]