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plc programming examples

PLC example – addition instruction write water light PLC example – counter value in binary output PLC example – PLSY control stepper motor forward and reverse PLC example – PWM instruction PLC example – RS instruction usage PLC example – SFTL instruction usage PLC example – SFTR instruction usage PLC example – traffic light control […]

FX2N series PLC analog I/O modules

(1) analog input module FX2N-2AD. The module is a 2–channel voltage input (DC 0~10V,DC 0~5V) or current input (DC 4~20mA), 12-bit high accuracy resolution conversion speed for the 2.5ms/channel. This module occupies 8 I/O point applies FX1N and FX2N, FX2NC series. (2) analog input module FX2N-4AD. The module has 4 input channel, 12-bit resolution. Select […]

Omron PLC high-speed counter reset method

Omron PLC high-speed counting the number of reset mode, choose Z signal + software reset and soft reset in two ways.        1. Z signal + software reset mode        High-speed counter reset flag is ON state, Z-phase signal and reset input OFF → ON time by the high-speed counter current value is reset. The case of […]

Omron PLC programming software to use the function block

Omron PLC programming software also increases the function block function block preparation software features to IEC61131-3A function block call a ladder exampleThe main purpose is to promote good function block structured programming, function calls; allow complex programs to create less code, more manageable process.A block from the block header and block body compositionPhysique – to […]

Frequency measurement for Omron PLC high-speed counter

By PRV instruction, you can read the frequency of the input pulse, high-speed counter frequency measurement, frequency is measured in Hz, hexadecimal 8-bit output, and can be used only in high-speed counter 0. In addition, also during high-speed counter 0 comparison operation at the same time, measurement frequency. Even in the frequency measurement, nor will […]

Omron PLC equipment disassembly sequence and method

(1) downtime must be two or more people care operations; (2) The front panel of the CPU mode selector switch from “Run” to “stop” position; (3) off the main power supply of the PLC, and then close the other to die Sakamoto power supply; (4) The power supply shelf connected to the power line wire number and remember […]

Initialization module (OB100) – Siemens S7-300PLC organization block OB

When the CPU state into the stop state operating mode, the operating system calls OB100. After the end of OB100 operation, operating system calls OB1. Use OB100 characteristics prior to execution of OB1, you can prepare the initial variables or parameters for the user to run the main program.

Hardware interrupt (OB40) – Siemens S7-300PLC organization block OB

Response process from different modules (eg I / O modules, CP or FM module module) issued a warning or a hardware interrupt request signal. OB 40 runs, the operating system does not receive the other hardware interrupt requests.You can modify the parameters for analog or digital module with a programming tool which is set by […]

Cyclic interrupt (OB 35) – Siemens S7-300PLC organization block OB

Set or modify the interval (default is 100ms) from the programming tool. Ranging from lms ~ lmin. When allowed to interrupt the cycle, OB35 cycle run at regular intervals. When OB1 OB35 run to set time, OB 35 is executed again. When using OB 35 properties, should ensure that the value of the interval is set longer than […]