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What time relay is used for Mitsubishi PLC power-off delay

Mitsubishi does not have a power-off delay to close the relay. Only the power-on delay closes the relay, but it can be implemented by a program. as the picture shows, When X0 is ON, M0 reset, M0 is disconnected in front, T0 does not count, When X0 becomes OFF, M0 is set and T0 starts […]

PLC control ladder design of traffic lights

There are three red, yellow and green signal lights in the north and south of the intersection, and the six lights reciprocate in a certain time sequence. North-south direction North and South Green (8s), East and West (8s) North and South Yellow (2.1s), East and West (2.1s), North and South Red (10.1s), East Green (8s), […]