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What is the meaning of Mitsubishi PLC constant H?

The Mitsubishi PLC constant H represents a hexadecimal number and is mainly used to indicate the operational value of the application function instruction. [extension] K is a symbol indicating a decimal integer. It is mainly used to specify the set value of the timer or counter and the value in the operand of the application […]

Omron PLC data type

Omron PLC data type BOOLAddress of a binary bit – a logical Boolean on or off state. This type is typically used for contacts or coils. CHANNELThis is a special data type, for backward compatibility. It is an address (non-bit) to data of any type (unsigned or signed, one or more words), so can be used in place […]

Siemens S7-200 PLC local variable storage area (L)

Local variables and variable storage memory is very similar, the main difference is that the local variables memory is partially valid, the variable memory is globally effective. Globally effective refer to the same memory can be used by any program (such as main program, an interrupt routine or subroutine) access to local storage areas and […]

What is the difference S7-200 PLC system operating temperature

s7-200 PLC work at minus 20 degrees?S7-200 working environment requirements:0 ° C-55 ° C, horizontal installation0 ° C-45 ° C, vertical mounting95% relative humidity, non-condensingSiemens also offers a wide temperature range S7-200 product (SIPLUS S7-200):Operating temperature range: -25 ° C- + 70 ° CRelative Humidity: 55 ° C at 98%, 70 ° C 45%Other parameters […]

PLC ladder programming principles and programming methods

(1) Input / output relay, internal auxiliary relays, timers, counters and other devices of the contact can be used repeatedly, without complex program structure to reduce the use of contacts. (2) Each line ladder left the bus started, the coil terminates at the right bus. Contacts are not on the right side of the coil, […]

PLC conduction delay timer instruction (TON)

When the limit switch 1 is set, the indicator 2 ON 180ms (timer clocked). When the accumulated value of the timer 1 (.ACC) reaches 180, 2 lights off, the indicator 3 is turned on, and remains on until the TON instruction is disabled. If you disconnect the timer is timing the limit switch 1, then […]

STEP7-Mirco/WIN software project management

1 print   (1.) printing method of program and project documents Print program and project documents in the following way: Click the “print“ button. Select the menu command “file“ then “print“. Press the CTRL + p shortcut key combination. (2). network and print a single item Following a single block printed a series of network, […]