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mitsubishi plc programming examples

mitsubishi plc programming examples High-speed counter C235 test routines.rar PLC routine – add instruction water lights.rar PLC routine – counter value in binary output.rar PLC routine – traffic lights control.rar PLC routine -16 bit counter.rar PLC routine -3 road motor speed of the PLC routines.rar PLC routine -32 bit counter.rar PLC routine -write-bin binary.rar PLC […]

Mitsubishi PLC ladder control traffic lights

Crossroads of north-south and east-west direction has red, yellow, green three lights, Six lamps with a cyclical working time sequence Direction Chronological order North-south direction North and South Green (8s), East West Red (8s) North and South Yellow (2.1s), East West Red (2.1s), North-South Red (10.1s), East West green (8s),East West yellow (2.1s) East-west direction East West red (10.1s), […]