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How to modify the ladder diagram during the simulation process of Mitsubishi plc

1,Simulation – Monitor mode – Click – Write mode – Modify your program to be modified – Click – Compile – Click – Write to PLC

2, click F2


Mitsubishi PLC ladder diagram cannot be converted

The solution is
In the tool-option, remove the √ in front of the step ladder stt in the contact format, and then change the program. After the change, convert the save and then hit the √.

How Mitsubishi plc recognizes 4 to 20MA current signals

4 ~ 20MA is generally the current signal of the transmitter, which can be converted into a voltage signal through the ad conversion module, Mitsubishi plc directly read the ad signal.

Mitsubishi plc analog input 4-20mA how to zero setting

First know the resolution of the ad module, such as 32768 or 16384, that is, the output of 4ma corresponds to 0, and the output of 20ma corresponds to 32768 or 16384, and then it is converted to your PT100 (-100– 100 degree)

Mitsubishi PLC analog program example


TO K0 K17 H0 K1

TO K0 K17 H2 K1

FROM K0 K0 D0 K1

; select ad input channel 1

; start the input channel 1 ad conversion

; store the current value of channel 1 in register d0


TO K0 K17 H1 K1

TO K0 K17 H3 K1

FROM K0 K0 D2 K1

; select ad input channel 2

; start the input channel 2 ad conversion

; store the current value of channel 2 in register d2


TO K0 K16 D4 K1

TO K0 K17 H4 K1

TO K0 K17 H0 K1

;d4 is the value of the analog signal output, the value is between 0–255

; start the output channel da conversion processing

; in the edit command to make m0 m2 m4 cycle on and off

;d0 inputs the current value of 1 channel, d2 inputs the current value of 2 channels, and d4 outputs the current value of the channel.