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How does Mitsubishi PLC control the size of the ladder diagram?

Here is mitsubishi plc programming examples

After zooming in on the view, it cannot be displayed in full screen.

Can not control the size of the ladder, can only change the size of the annotation and the number of contacts displayed in each row;
The number of contacts in the menu bar – “Tools -” option, pop-up dialog box point program editor – “ladder -” ladder diagram,
Select the number of display contacts in the display format,
It is recommended to choose 13 or 11.

PLC control ladder design of traffic lights

There are three red, yellow and green signal lights in the north and south of the intersection, and the six lights reciprocate in a certain time sequence.

North-south direction

North and South Green (8s), East and West (8s)

North and South Yellow (2.1s), East and West (2.1s),

North and South Red (10.1s), East Green (8s), East Yellow (2.1s)

East-west direction

East-West Red (10.1s), North-South Green (8s), North-South Yellow (2.1s)

East Green (8s), North and South Red (8s)

East and West Yellow (2.1s), North and South Red (2.1s)

X000——Start and cycle starting point, north and south green, east and west red.

Y000——North-South green output

Y001——North-South yellow output

Y002——East red output

Y003——East-West green output

Y004——East-West yellow output

Y005——North-South red output

M0——The intermediate relay keeps the state of X000.

T0——East red timing

T1——East and West Green Timing

T2——East and West timing

T3——North-South Green Timing

T4——North and South yellow timing

T5——North and South Red Timing

mitsubishi plc programming examples

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