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A/S, B/D in the component step search on the right side of the Mitsubishi plc ladder diagram

A/S indicates the number of steps of the corresponding device using the normally open contact in the ladder diagram;
B/D normally closed.

How to modify the ladder diagram during the simulation process of Mitsubishi plc

1,Simulation – Monitor mode – Click – Write mode – Modify your program to be modified – Click – Compile – Click – Write to PLC

2, click F2


Mitsubishi PLC, controlling the forward and reverse ladder diagram of stepper motor

Y0 pulse, Y1 direction, D2 is the walking speed, D4 is the reset speed, D2, D4 is given by the upper computer

What does the Mitsubishi PLC instruction DHCMOV mean?

Mitsubishi PLC instruction DHCMOV

The high-speed counter transmits the clear and unclear instructions, [DHCMOV C521 D0 K0] K0 is cleared, and k1 is the value of c251.

How to set up Mitsubishi PLC Set batch?

The Mitsubishi PLC_FX series does not have a batch set command.

However, other instructions can be used instead of the effect.

The simplest is to use the transfer instruction MOV, but the MOV instruction is a group of 4 components. Although simple, it cannot achieve any batch setting. For example, if M11 is used for other purposes and cannot be set with M0~M10 together, then the MOV instruction can’t do anything.

So, I have summarized four methods that enable batch placement of components.

Method 1: WOR instruction.

Use the or instruction to set the components in batches. Use a set of 11 high-order binary numbers to perform an OR operation with K4M0 and store the result in K4M0. The benefit of an OR operation is that the 0 bits in the binary are not reset to other components.

16-bit binary number: 0000 0111 1111 1111

Convert to hexadecimal as: H07FF.

The decimal is K2047.

It takes 11 scan cycles to complete all set, which can be done in one cycle using the FOR\NEXT loop instruction.

Method 2: SET+V instruction.

Note: The [SET M0V0] command can only be used in the FX3U series, and the FX2N series is not available.

Method 3: BON+V instruction.

Method 4: SFTL (SFTR) instruction.

What does ADD mean in Mitsubishi plc programming?

ADD  Addition instruction

ADD D40 D128 D130
Is to add the value of the data register D40, and the value of the data register D128, send it to D130 to save

How to insert comments in Mitsubishi PLC programming software

Insert comments

1. In the GX-Develop (programming interface) menu, the “Display” drop-down – comment display, make sure all comments can be seen, then click on the “Device Comments” in the leftmost project bar, double-click “COMMENT” “All the uncommented X, Y, and M devices have been commented out. You can add them after you need to fill in the comments. You can see them by closing them back to the programming interface.” – This method is suitable for batch comments

2. On the programming interface menu bar, find the “Comment Edit” button, click on the double-click on the device you want to edit, and type it, but if you want to continue programming, you need to click this button again to return to the programming state.

Mitsubishi plc programming Ladder diagram: motor is rotating for 10 seconds, inversion for 8 seconds, cycle

Ladder diagram:

Press X0, M0 is energized and self-locked.
At the same time, KT1 is turned on and Y0 is output. At this time, the motor is rotating 10S.

When the 10S time is up, T1 disconnects YO, and M1 is powered on and locked.

At the same time Y1 output, the motor is reversed.

KT28 seconds to the time, M0 reset, at this time a working cycle is over, automatically enter the next cycle.

What is the meaning of MOVP in PLC?

The MOV in PLC is the transmission instruction, for example [mov K15 D100] means to transfer the decimal constant K15 to register D100.

MOV is continuous execution, that is, each scan cycle is transmitted once.



MOV K100 D10

When X0 is ON, K100 is transmitted to D10 and automatically converted to binary number.

MOVP is a pulse execution, that is, the instruction is activated once, and a transfer is performed.

MOVP K2M200 D40

The value of m200–m207 in decimal form is assigned to D40
MOVP K11 D0:

A transfer process is performed when conditions are available.

(pass constant 11 to D0 data register). It is usually performed only when there is a rising edge.


It is to transmit H1A1 to module 0, buffer 0.