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How to program the master station setting program for N:N network parameters?

N:N network parameters

Setting requirements: Set the PIC as the master station, set the number of slave stations to 2, and use the mode 1 brush.

New, the number of communication retries is set to 3, and the communication timeout is set to 40ms.

Solution: Set according to the setting requirements, and get the program ladder diagram. M8038

After the action, five M()V instructions are executed, D8176 is O, which is set as the master station; D8177 is 2,

The number of slaves is set to 2; the value of D8178 is 1, and it is refreshed by mode l; the value of D8179 is 3, and the setting is

The number of retries is 3; the value of D8180 is 4, and the communication timeout is set to 40ms.

The requirements for the initialization setting procedure of the parallel network are as follows.

(l) Refresh range: 32-bit component and 4-word component (mode 1).

(2) Number of retries: 3 times.

(3) Communication timeout: 50ms.