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How to check the status of each register or timer when gx works2 is compiled?

If you are using the device memory monitor function in GX Works2,You need to open your program with GX Works2 software, click on a device, right click, select “Device/Buffer Memory Batch Monitor” in “Online”, or find “Online” on the menu bar, select “Monitor” “Device/buffer memory batch monitoring”

How to program MITSUBISHI PLC timer?

Timer: T0-T199 (200 points) is a 100 ms timer (set value: 0.1-3276.7 S); T200-T245 (46 points) is a 10 ms timer (set value: 0.01-327.67 S); T246-T149 (4 points) is a 1 mS cumulative timer (set value: 0.001-32.767 S, power loss retention, i.e. interruption); T250-T255 (6 points) is a 100 ms timer (set value: 0.01-327.67 S); Cumulative timer (set value: 0.1~3276.7 S, power loss maintenance, that is, interrupt action).

If T192-T199 and T246-T249 are used in subroutines or interrupt programs, the current value of the timer is modified when the END instruction is executed. When the current value of the timer is equal to the set value, its output contacts act when executing the timer coil instruction or the END instruction. If the timer is not used, the work of the timer may not be normal under special circumstances.

If a 1ms timer is used to interrupt programs and subroutines, its contacts act when executing the first coil instruction of the timer after its current value reaches a set value.

Use the T command format (Tn KX), is an example:

OUT T0 K100

It means that when x0 is connected, time is 10 seconds and T0 is connected. Subsequent use of T0 to punish the required output points can achieve the purpose of controlling the time delay.

T is a timer symbol, 0 is a number, K is a constant, is decimal, that is, set to K10 is a second.

GX Developer software (SW-D5C-GPPW)

The software has the following features:
1) for Windows95/98,Windows2000,Windows Me,Windows NT and other operating environments.
2) 2. Supports all current Mitsubishi MELSEC GX Developer software PLC programming series, including series Q, QnA series, a series, Motion and the FX series. In addition, it supports change the PLC type functionality, customers can change the data that has been created or edited the PLC type to make it available for use on other PLC.
3) in ladder diagram and instruction list programming language based on the GX Developer software also supports the SFC (MELSAP-II/MELSAP3/MELSAP-L), with label and function block programming features.
4) GX Developer software supports standard operations such as cut, copy, and paste, make the operation more convenient, and edit data can be used in other programs. For example, the annotation data in advance of GX Developer software in Word or Excel for editing on, and then paste it directly into a comment in the edit window.
5) GX Developer software support software components surveillance, special module buffer storage monitoring and other surveillance methods. Through the use of multiple Windows (for example, the same file in a different program) performance monitoring tasks quick and easy. In addition, through the mouse and keyboard can also be set or reset element, change the current value of a symbol.
6) GX Developer software for Ethernet, MELSECNET/10 (h), CC-link network parameter setting, there is no need to purchase additional private network parameter setting software. Ethernet and CC-link parameters to be set by the program before, and now can be done by a parameter setting screen, can greatly reduce the procedures and increase the visibility setting.
7) sound diagnosis functions: the software includes a variety of diagnostic methods, MELSEC network diagnosis and CC-link diagnosis, diagnosis, PLC Ethernet diagnostic and system monitoring.
8) GX Developer software not only supports the original data read from the CPU module, you can also use GPPA, GPPQ and MELSEC MEDOC FXGP (Win) and FXGP (DOS), the DOS version of data directly into GX Developer software format.
9) GX Developer software not only supports off-line programming and online programming support (online program). Debugging machines and devices, there‘s no need to modify procedures to stop the program. Download program can be completed directly by CPU module and systems over the network (such as Ethernet, MELSECNET]10 (h), CC-link, telephone lines, etc).
10) using GX Developer software, complete the password login function, used to protect the PLC program and data.