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what basic knowledge to learn plc?

Need to have an electrician, assemble secondary lines, and understand the basics of various relays. Learning the PLC can be done as follows: 1. Buy this book about PLC, learn about electrician knowledge, understand the electrical appliances, and go to control and understand various actuators. 2, is to understand the working mode of PLC, find […]

What is the foundation for learning plc programming?

The conditions for self-learning PLCs should be as follows: 1, you have to learn programming software PLC (such as Siemens, Delta, Omron, etc.), each brand of PLC its programming software is slightly different, so what software to prepare what PLC. 2, it is best to reserve an HMI (Human Machine Interface), because PLC often needs […]

how to connect plc to hmi

How to connect plc to hmi I want to modify the timer’s time with the touch screen. 1. Read out the program in FX2N PLC with software, find the constant value K of the timer used to set the time, modify the constant K to D directly when programming, D should choose power off to […]


1, MPS (into the stack instruction): The result of the operation into the first segment of the stack memory, while the previously sent data to move to the next section of the stack. 2, MRD (read stack instruction): the first paragraph of the stack memory data (last into the stack of data) read and the […]

What‘s’ mean of Mitsubishi PLC directive MOVP HOFF k2y0

The MOVP represents the pulse transmission instruction,The h in Hoff represents the 16 binary, which represents the hexadecimal FF,K2y0 represents Y7y6y5y4y3y2y1y0, which is the two sets of 4 digits starting with Y0, and if K1y0 represents Y3y2y1y0,This directive indicates that the 16-in-system FF is delivered to the results of the y7y6y5y4y3y2y1y0 execution y7=1, y6=1, Y5=1, […]

What is the meaning of MOVP in PLC?

The MOV in PLC is the transmission instruction, for example [mov K15 D100] means to transfer the decimal constant K15 to register D100. MOV is continuous execution, that is, each scan cycle is transmitted once. Example: LD X0 MOV K100 D10 When X0 is ON, K100 is transmitted to D10 and automatically converted to binary […]

Application of PLC in capsule curing machine

In the tire curing process, the capsule as the necessary parts of the tire processing, there is a high performance requirements. It needs to undergo repeated expansion and contraction, stretching and other deformation, but also experienced a sharp rise and cooling. Capsule curing is one of the key processes to obtain high quality performance, and […]