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What is floating point in plc

Floating Point

Real numbers are integers, and floating point numbers are decimals. Floating point arithmetic is the operation of the decimal point.

PLC: A programmable logic controller that uses a type of programmable memory for its internal memory program, performing user-oriented instructions such as logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and input through digital or analog / Output controls various types of machinery or production processes.

For example, a PLC that supports floating point numbers has a result of dividing by 3 and a result of 1.5, and a result of not supporting floating point numbers is 1.

It’s as simple as floating point numbers are just a representation of decimals in scientific applications.

Because PLC is the same as PC, it is a binary operation, so the representation of pure decimals can not be applied on the circuit, so a scientific notation (floating point number) is implemented.

Floating point numbers are a way to represent decimals. The so-called floating point is that the position of the decimal point is not fixed, and conversely there is a fixed number of points, that is, the position of the decimal point is fixed. An integer can be thought of as a special fixed-point number, that is, the decimal point is at the end.

There is no floating-point processing instruction in the 8086/8088, but since 486, the CPU has a floating-point processor built in, which can perform floating-point operations. The general floating point number is a bit like the scientific notation, including the sign bit, the exponent part, and the mantissa part. Floating point numbers are data that can be floated at the decimal point. Simply put, floating point numbers are numeric types that can be accurate to the decimal point.

Delta PLC floating point

Yesterday I went to help a client write a program, which uses floating-point arithmetic. The PLC is Delta’s ES series, but I can’t do it. The calculated value is a big value, or it is rounded off. And I use Mitsubishi’s software to write the same program simulation, the result of the operation is to retain two decimal places.

The problem is OK! The main thing is to convert the integer number into a binary number and then convert the binary number into an integer number.

FLT D100 D102

INT D110 D112