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single axis stepper motor controller kit

ST-PMC1 The STPMC1 device functions as an energy calculator and is an ASSP designed for effective energy measurement in power line systems utilizing Rogowski, current transformer, Shunt or Hall current sensors. Used in combination with one or more STPMSx ICs, it implements all the functions needed in a 1-, 2- or 3-phase energy meter. It […]

CNC 2M982 Stepper Motor Driver Drive Controller 7.8A 24~80V DC 200KH

Product Description: 2M982┬áis a cost-effective high-perfomance bi-polar 2 phase micro-stepping drive, applying pure-sinusoidal current controltechnique. It is best suited for the applications that desired extreme low noise and heat,It operates well in an encironment, where electricity supply experience instability and fluctuation. Suitable for a wide range of stepping motors, from NEMA 23/34/42. It can be […]

CNC 4 Axis TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Board 5A Adjustable, DC 12~48V Power

Features: Integrated high-speed microcomputer intelligent control chip, Pluggable LCD monitor with the handle, Automatic detection, Computer-controlled movement, Automatically shield handle control functions, Digital display can simultaneously track and record the Computer Data and the data from the handle controlling movement. the path of the computer tracking records, time records can be run in the computer […]

AM882 Stepper Drive Stepping Motor Driver 80V 8.2A with Sensorless Detection Leadshine

Leadshine AM882 Stepper Drive 80V 8.2A with Sensorless Detection Introduction: The AM882 is a versatility fully digital stepping drive based on a DSP with advanced control algorithm. The AM882 is the next generation of digital stepping motor controls. It brings a unique level of system smoothness, providing optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability. Motor self-test […]