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What is allen-bradley SLC500, what is the difference between programmable controller and PLC?

Allen-bradley, AB, was initially a well-known electric company in the United States. It is currently a brand owned by Rockwell Automation. The SLC500 is a medium-sized PLC product from AB. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), programmable controller, programmable logic controller, are the same concept

how to connect plc to hmi

How to connect plc to hmi I want to modify the timer’s time with the touch screen. 1. Read out the program in FX2N PLC with software, find the constant value K of the timer used to set the time, modify the constant K to D directly when programming, D should choose power off to […]

Samkoon Touch Screen HMI Sk-070ae

SK-070AE don’t made,now use  SK070FE instead of it. Processor: ●  Industrial-grade high-performance processor: Cortex A8, up to 600MHz. Communication modes: ● Built-in COM ports integrate communication modes of RS 232/422/485; two fast serial communication ports. Provide ports of USB-A and USB-B: ●  USB-A: Support for a transmission speed of 10M/s. ● USB-B (Plug and Play): […]