Mitsubishi plc FX2N-2AD type Analog Input Module Features

FX2N-2AD Resolution 12 binary precision Mitsubishi plc analog input module
FX2N-2AD available for 2-channel voltage input (DC0-10V DC0-5V) or current input (DC4 – 20mA)

Voltage Input
Current input
Analog Input Range
DC 0-10V  DC 0 -5V
(Input Resistance200KQ)
The absolute maximum input:-0.5V +15V
DC4 – 20MA(Input Resistance250Q) The absolute maximum input:-2MA +60MA
FX2N-2ADInput Characteristics
Mixed voltage and current inputs. The same input features two channels.
Effective digital output
12 binary
2.5MV(10V x 1/4000)1.25MV (5VX 1/4000)
4MA((20-4)MAX 1/4000)
Combined accuracy
(For the full-scale10V)
(For the full-scale(20-4)MA)
Conversion speed
2.5ms/1个Channel (and sequencers synchronized action)
Isolation mode
Input and PLC’s power Using optocouplers and DC / DC converter isolation (no isolation between each input)
FX2N-2ADPower supply
DC5V 20mA(PLCInternal power supply)DC24V 50mA(PLCInternal power supply)
Input and output 
Occupied points
8 channel
Mitsubishi plc applicable


Mitsubishi PLC programming cable set method of communication ports

1, the programming cable into the computer’s USB port
2, on the desktop, the mouse on the “My Computer” icon, then click the right mouse
3, in the pop-up menu, select “Device Manager”
4, find your programming cable port number in the “Port” overview. Mouse on the port number, click the right mouse button in the pop-up menu, select “Properties”
5,In the Properties window, you can change the port number, the port number was revised to the same number on it. Mitsubishi PLC programming port and port computer software should be set, under normal circumstances, the default desktop computer is COM1,After the software is also changed to COM1 to restart the software

Mitsubishi PLC communication error when uploading program

1, Mitsubishi PLC programming cable communications port and baud rate are set correctly. Such as: Point Serial Icon -> port RS232-> baud 9.6k/bps-> OK -> then click communications test, if successful, displays the communication hardware connection is no problem.
2, Mitsubishi PLC Are there written procedures, or that the PLC is worked properly.
3, the program is encrypted, the program also lost.
4, Mitsubishi PLC whether damage.


Mitsubishi PLC ladder control traffic lights

Crossroads of north-south and east-west direction has red, yellow, green
three lights, Six lamps with a cyclical working time sequence

Chronological order
North-south direction
North and South Green (8s), East West Red (8s)
North and South Yellow (2.1s), East West Red (2.1s),
North-South Red (10.1s), East West green (8s),East West yellow (2.1s)
East-west direction
East West red (10.1s), North and South Green (8s), North-South Yellow (2.1s)
East West Green (8s), North-South Red (8s)
East West Huang (2.1s), the North-South Red (2.1s)

Start Cycle starting point, North and South Green, East West red.
North and South Green Output
North and South Yellow Output
East West Red Output
East West Green Output
East West yellow  Output
North-South Red Output
Relay, the state X000 remains.
East West Red timed
East West Green Timed
East West yellow Timed
North and South Green Timed
North and South Yellow Timed
North-South Red Timed

20MR 12in 8 relays out PLC 2AD 2DA Analog with RS232 cable Mitsubishi FX1S PLC GX Develop







Parameters: 12 inputs / 8 relay outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs
The new product, the warranty period of one year
Switch input: 12 channels
Switch output: 8
Analog Input: 2 Channel 0-10V, resolution 10V/1096
Analog output: 2 channels 0-10V, resolution 10V/10000
Relay output capacity: 3A/250VAC
Terminal Type: Detachable
Communication interface: a programming port RS232
Real-time clock: support
Setting display: can digital, buttons display setting PLC internal register (rather text and PLC machine).
Command functions: support instruction Mitsubishi FX1S series PLC
Versions of the software: FX programming software
The machine display, settings, control in a large number of used air compressors, freight elevators, water supply, solar energy, woodworking machinery, insulating glass machinery, plastic cutting machines, printing machines ………
Power supply: 24VDC/500mA or 21VAC/500mA
Package list:
1. PLC 1pc
2. Rs232 cable 1pc
3. 1*CD (include programmer software and manual)


LED indicator to judge by way of exception and deal with Mitsubishi PLC

1. PLC’s POWER light does not shine?
     Mitsubishi PLC host and have a positive extension “POWER” of LED lights, when the host through the power, the green LED lights. If the host through the power back, this indicator is not lit, this time, set “24 +” wiring terminals of the pull, if lights are on, which means that the PLC DC load is too large, in which case, please do not use PLC “24 +” DC power terminals, please be prepared to DC24V power supply.
     If “24 +” after wiring terminals are pulled out, the indicator still does not light, there may be an internal fuse had blown.
2.POWER lights flashing ?
    If POWER light flashes, might be ” 24 + ” terminal and “COM” terminals shorted , set ” 24 + ” terminal wiring pulled out , if the indicator is back to normal , then please check your line . If the indicator is still flashing, it may have been inside the POWER board failure .
3. “PROG ‧ E” LED light flashes
    In general, when this red LED lights flash , the majority of the program loop unreasonable situation is more, there may be another reason for parameter setting error , or external sources of noise generated content causes the program to change . If you are using a handheld programmer (FX-20P-E) recommended that you check D8004, then by checking the contents of D8004 D8060 ~ D8069, the D8060 ~ D8069 data obtained from , this is the error code.
4. “CPU ‧ E” LED lights
    When “CPU ‧ E” LED lights, there may be several reasons:
    ( 1 ) Internal PLC conductive dust intrusion
    ( 2 ) When the PLC scan more than 100ms (check D8012 to know the maximum execution time )
    ( 3 ) There is noise near the PLC
    Excluding the above-mentioned problems, and “CPU ‧ E” LED lights are still lit , then this is really the fault of the Ministry of PLC may recommend that you repair it .

Mitsubishi PLC program removal method

If the user has the original program Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi PLC memory simply eliminate all restore factory state reimport

1 program using handheld Writer

When selecting the ONLINE mode after writing with Mitsubishi PLC connected, press the GO button, the screen will prompt the user to enter a password, then need to press the SP button 8 times, then press the GO button 3 times, this way, Mitsubishi PLC on reply to the factory state, as long as the original program and then imported Mitsubishi PLC can.

2 If you use the following Mitsubishi FX2N PLC, you can use the DOS version V2.0 or later
By 7,5,3, the screen appears again at the options in the MODE window, over the next button to select ‘MEMORYALLCLEAR’ and press ‘Enter’ button, so that Mitsubishi PLC internal memory will be cleared. Then the user within the original program can import Mitsubishi PLC.

Mitsubishi PLC GX Developer programming software installation problems

1: If you previously installed software Mitsubishi Must first remove the old software and then delete the old registration documents
2: Open the Start Run enter REGEDIT point to determine open registry manually look for the following key
3: MITSUBISHI free to change the name, press F5 to refresh the OK and then reinstall new software

Mitsubishi PLC to establish engineering Quick Start settings

1) Mitsubishi PLC software WINOOWs open the project.

2) Click the Mitsubishi PLC programming software [Tools] – [Create start-up setting file] menu

3) Set the directory path and file name. (Because the extension *. GPS automatically added, so do not set extension].

4) Click the Save button to save the file. Thus quick start set.