PLC Flash power oscillation circuit Programming

When 00002 is turned on, TIM000 start timing, while 10000 is ON; after 0.8s TIM000 normally open contact closure, normally open contact disconnect, TIM001 start timing, while 10000 is OFF;After 0.6s, TIM001 the normally closed contacts open, TIM000 coil power, the normally closed contact closure, normally open contacts to open 10,000 and is ON; at […]

PLC floor control loop

In the elevator shaft on each floor is equipped with a magnetic sensors, respectively 1YG, 2YG, 3YG, 4YG, 5YG, while the car is equipped with a side length of the magnet separator plate, if the elevator up from the first floor, then magnet separator plate and then click insert sensor. When the magnet separator plate […]