PLC clock instruction

Implementation calls the system real-time clock clock instructions or according to the need to set the clock, monitoring of the operation of the control system, operation records and real-time time control and is very convenient. Clock instructions there are two: read the real time clock and set the real time clock    

PLC PID instruction

PID command: enables effective, according to the parameters table (TBL) of input measured values, control set value and calculation of PID parameters PID   (1) eight PID command can be used in your program, number 0-7, respectively, cannot be repeated.   (2) to enable the ENO = 0 error conditions: 0006 (indirect address), SM1.1 (overflow, […]

byte Immediate Read instruction (MOV-BIR)

Bytes read instruction immediately (MOV-BIR) reads the actual input IN the 1–byte values, and write OUT the result as the specified storage unit, but the input image register has not been updated. Bytes write command immediately read from the input IN the specified storage unit 1 byte numerical and written (in bytes) of physical output […]

PLC data transfer instruction MOV

MOV data transfer instructions, used to transmit a single byte, Word, doubleword, real  LD       I0.1 MOVW   VW10, VW100 Data block transfer instructions from the address entered IN the first n data sent to the output address start OUT n unit n data type for the range 1 to 255,N: bytes     LAD                                 STL  LD   […]