The difference between Siemens PLC and Panasonic PLC

1. Programming software Siemens offers a wide range of programming software for SIMATIC series PLCs, mainly STEP MICRO/DOS and STEP MICRO/WIN; STEP mini; standard software package STEP7 The programming language of the S7 series PLC is very rich, including LAD, STL, SCL, GRAPH, HIGRAPH, CFC, etc. Users can choose a language programming and mix them […]

Panasonic plc f66 wor, wr1, wr0, dt10

F66 WOR is a high-level instruction of Panasonic PLC. F refers to the F-type advanced instruction. When the execution condition X0 is ON, the instruction is repeatedly executed every scan cycle (another P-type advanced instruction, and only one scan period is executed when the rising edge of the execution condition X0 is detected). 66 is […]