Counter C usage

Give you a simple example, such as The first line: X0 turns on C0 K5, The second line: C0 turns on Y0. C is the counter, K is a constant, and 5 is the corresponding data (here 5 times). This means that when you press X0 once, C0 will increase by 1. When you press […]

MOV instruction

Mitsubishi PLC—MOV instruction Instruction format: MOV S D S Transfer data or data storage word device address D The address of the word software of the data transfer destination Instruction interpretation: When the driving condition is established, the binary data of the original address S is transmitted to the final address D. Instruction function: an […]

What does D> mean?

Mitsubishi PLC program [D> S1 S2] is the contact comparison output command, and the instruction itself is equivalent to one contact. D indicates 32-bit data, [D> S1 S2] indicates that two 32-bit operands are compared. When S1>S2, the contact represented by the command is turned on.