FeaturesFX1NMitsubishi FX1N
AD samplingSupport 3 channels 0-20mA or 0-10V analog inputNeed to expand
DA outputSupport 2 channels 0-10V analog outputNeed expand
RS485 interfaceSupport 1 channel RS485 communication interfaceNeed expand
MOSBUS RTU communicationsupportnot support
Module extensionCan be extended by RS485 busSupport Mitsubishi original expansion module
High speed output4-way high speed output2-way high speed output
High power transistor outputHigh-power 1.5A transistor output, not easy to damage, can directly drive the solenoid valveThe output current is only 0.5A, and the solenoid valve cannot be directly driven, which is easy to damage.
FROM/TO instructionFor MODBUS RTU communicationUsed to communicate with the expansion module
WR3A/RD3A instructionAD or DA module expansionAnalog module read and write