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The computer can’t download files to OP320 Xinjie text display

It is possible that the COM port is not selected, it can be set in the text editing software, or whether other programming software is open, which will occupy the COM port. Or the text editing software version is incorrect.
Xinjie programming port is RS232; Xinjie has a matching communication line.
There is a COM port on the computer that has a download line that can be connected directly;
The editing software can be downloaded from the Xinjie website.
The text editing software can not be used casually. It needs to be based on the hardware of the text display. For the specific hardware version, please see the back of the text display. After each model, there is a text wrapped in an ellipse, such as V8.0. V6.5 and so on, this is the hardware version. For the software, the editing software version used for hardware version v4.0 to V7.0 is V6.5Z version, and the hardware version V7.0 or higher is used for editing software of V8.0C.

The op320 program is downloaded and pressed. The button does not respond. After a while, the communication is in progress…

Op320 version 6.5Z The following reasons are as follows:
1: Communication with the slave (PLC or instrument) is interrupted. It is always in the connected state. No other operations can be performed. The button will not work.
2: The configured PLC or register address of the slave is incorrect and cannot be read correctly. The result is the same as above!

Why Xinjie text OP320-A and the PLC always showing communication?

1. Do you see if the range of devices used in your screen exceeds the scope of the PLC?
2. Check if the station number of the device of your text screen is No. 1, default No. 1
3. Check if the plc port and your computer can be connected. If you can check your line pair is not right.
4. All of the above are excluded and sent back for repair.

what basic knowledge to learn plc?

Need to have an electrician, assemble secondary lines, and understand the basics of various relays.

Learning the PLC can be done as follows:

1. Buy this book about PLC, learn about electrician knowledge, understand the electrical appliances, and go to control and understand various actuators.

2, is to understand the working mode of PLC, find a PLC, according to the example on the book, consider a small project, to achieve a function.

3, practice the true knowledge, understand the corresponding process, do a PLC project independently, the project is completed, the PLC will also master the Siemens 200 series of small PLC is very suitable for novice learning, easier to get started.

What is the foundation for learning plc programming?

The conditions for self-learning PLCs should be as follows:
1, you have to learn programming software PLC (such as Siemens, Delta, Omron, etc.), each brand of PLC its programming software is slightly different, so what software to prepare what PLC.
2, it is best to reserve an HMI (Human Machine Interface), because PLC often needs to do some configuration control, it is really not good to achieve this, of course, now a lot of two in one, you can prepare a two-in-one device it is good.
3, a set of PLC programming software and HMI programming software
4. Relevant circuit design knowledge.