Siemens PLC programming M2.7

The Siemens plc programming software supports the new CP243-1 (6GK7 243-1-1EX01-0XE0). A new Internet wizard is implemented with the following improvements: Support for BootP and DHCP, support for logins and passwords for email servers. Siemens plc programming software for remote programming, diagnostics or data transfer. Profibus DP Master/Slave, ProfibusFMS and LONWorks have been integrated into the controller functions. Use the web server for monitoring. Store HTML web pages, images, PDF files, etc. in the controller for general browsers to view extended operating system functions.

1. Siemens PLC programming M2.7 is just a symbol, M is a storage area marking symbol, bit storage area, that is, the data can be accurately in place, is the intermediate state relay, y is the output relay. Both m and y are relay coils. m is intermediate, does not require plc input, output point.

2, the data of these areas, you can operate, that is, save 0, or save 1. It can also be byte operated (8 bits), word operation, double word operation. Then you will encounter what MB, MW, MD.

3. M2.7 is the 8th bit of the M2 byte. M0.0 is the first bit of the M0 byte unit.