Siemens PLC shortcuts

1, beginning with F:

F1: Get help.

F2: The ladder diagram enters the edit mode.

F3: The ladder diagram enters the operation mode.

F4: Compile the program.

F5: Normally open contact input.

F6: Normally closed contact input.

F7: Coil output.

F8: Function command input.

F9: Horizontal line input.

2, Shift related:

Shift+F3: The ladder diagram enters the monitor mode (can be edited online).

Shift+F5: Parallel normally open contact input.

Shift+F6: Parallel normally closed contact input.

Shift+F9: Vertical line input.

Shift+delete: Deletes the content of the line where the cursor is located.

Shift+insert: Insert a row.

3, Ctrl related:

Ctrl+F: Find devices and addresses.

Ctrl+F10: Delete the vertical line.

Ctrl+Alt+F10: Invert the instruction input.

4, ALT related:

ALT+F1: Switch to statement table mode.

ALT+1: Device test (valid in monitor mode).

5. Other related:

Insert: The color of the cursor box turns red and can be inserted into a single component.

Delete: delete the current component and line.