How to read PLC program using Siemens S7-300 programming

Use the upload function

Upload (also known as upload) is to copy the program in the CPU load memory to the hard disk of the programmer or PC.

The following methods can be used to upload the program:

In the SIMATIC Manager, execute the menu plc/UploadStationtoPG (upload to PG/PC) or click the upload shortcut button on the toolbar to upload the program from a PLC station to the programmer (computer). The uploaded program includes the PLC station. Hardware configuration and user program;

In the SIMATIC Manager, execute the menu named View –>Online to open the online window of the project and copy the blocks in the current window to your programmer or computer, excluding the hardware configuration;

In the hardware configuration interface, upload the PLC station via the upload button on the toolbar or execute PLC/Upload, which only contains the hardware configuration information, but does not include the user program.

However, the hardware information uploaded by the S7-300/400 series PLC is incomplete, does not include comments, and must be redefined. For example, the order number and parameters of the distribution module are used only for future emergency downloads.

Specific settings: select TCP / IP -> network card in the SETpg / pc interface, then uploadstationtopg

First, you need to set the communication mode between PLC and PG.

Set it up in SETPG/PC.

In STEP7, create a new project (empty)

Click on PLCUPloadstationtoPG

In the dialog box that appears, select the rack number to 0 to set the slot number 2 (general setting)

The address of the selected communication is also generally 2.

Just fine. “Uploading a Site to a PG” is to upload the entire station hardware configuration and software program.