What is Mitsubishi PLC programming software? What is the project name?

The engineering name of Mitsubishi PLC programming software is defined by itself. As long as there are no special symbols in the name, illegal symbols are allowed.

There are several files below a complete Mitsubishi PLC project folder:
1.Resource—- is a folder, which stores the comment and parameter of the PLC corresponding to this project;
2.Gppw.gpj— is the sub-file of the program, open it to open the project;
3.Gppw.gps— is a connection file of the program, open it can not open the project;
4.Project.inf— is the project’s message file, can’t read the garbled inside, but if it is lost, the program won’t open;
5.ProjectDB.mdb— is the project database, which stores the internal data of the program.