Panasonic plc f66 wor, wr1, wr0, dt10

F66 WOR is a high-level instruction of Panasonic PLC.
F refers to the F-type advanced instruction. When the execution condition X0 is ON, the instruction is repeatedly executed every scan cycle (another P-type advanced instruction, and only one scan period is executed when the rising edge of the execution condition X0 is detected). 66 is the number of the instruction, and WOR is the mnemonic. [F66 WOR, S1, S2, D] performs 16-bit data or logic operations.
WR refers to the internal intermediate relay (addressed by word 16 bits), WR0 refers to R0-RF 16 intermediate relays, WR1 refers to R10-R1F 16 intermediate relays, WR can be used to collectively set the state of the corresponding intermediate relays or Read.
DT is a data register, and the data register stores 16-bit binary digital data in units of “words” (16 bits). DT10 is a general-purpose data register, which can read and write its internal data arbitrarily. In addition, the PLC has a special data register, and its data can only be read and cannot be written.