How to write a program for Mitsubishi plc output analog

According to the analog module you selected to confirm the programming, the basic framework is unchanged, use TO to write the BFM value of your module’s buffer memory, use FROM to read the module’s BFM value, current value, channel selection Wait for some parameters you need.

The CPU has a digital module and two analog input modules. The order of the modules is the first digital quantity and then the analog quantity. The module number analog quantity becomes 1 and 2.
The first k1 represents the module number, k12 represents the read module 12 register, d0 represents the presence of the d0 data area, and k1 represents the reading of a data.
The cup+ digital module + special module is the order. Mitsubishi’s special modules have special numbers, and the number added in front is the same. Module 4-20ma is the input standard for the module