What are the PLC programming software? ? That is easy to use?

There are many brands of PLC, there are many programming softwares, corresponding to their respective brands or series, commonly used are Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and so on. . .
The lower version of Mitsubishi is called Fxgpwin, and the high version is called GX-developer. You can use simulation software.
OMRON’s PLC programming software is called CX-P, and the full name is CX-ONE. Low versions such as SSS and CPT are rarely used.
SIEMENS’s S7-200 series is called STEP7-MicroWIN 4.0 SPx [version patch]
The S7-300/400 series is called STEP7, and the highest Chinese version is STEP7-5.4 SP4.
If you are just starting to learn, it is recommended to start with Mitsubishi or Omron. These softwares are free on the Internet and are easier to understand and get started. It is also widely used in society. . .