What is timer and counter in PLC?

Timer and Counter

The timer in the PLC counts the time, and the counter counts the events.

The timer does count only the time, and the counter has a certain period of time because the PLC has a scan period, and the timing can be implemented with the timer or the corresponding logic.

Similarities and differences between timers and counters of Mitsubishi PLC

1, function is different, one timing, one counting
2, code is different, one is T and one is C
3,The trigger mode is different, the timer should be always on, and the counter only needs one pulse.
4, Once the timer reaches the set value, it will not be counted again, and the counter can reach the set value and can count up in the past.
5, When the counter and timer are written, the format is almost the same as the code before the set value is after
6, Both can be triggered by time delay

plc counter ladder example

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