How to write a general mode parallel link communication program?

Write a general mode parallel link communication program

Two FX2N series PLCs exchange data through a 1:1 parallel link communication network, designing one

General mode communication program. The communication operation requirements are as follows.

(1) The ON/OFF status of the master station XOOO to X007 is output to the slave station through M800 to M807.


(2) When the calculation result of the master station (DO+D2) ≤ 100, the YOIO of the slave station changes to ON.

(3) The ON/OFF status of the MO to M7 in the slave station is output to the master station through MOOO to M007.


(4) The value of the slave D10 is used to set the timer (TO) value of the master station.

Solution: Set the program of the master station and the slave station according to the requirements of the topic, as shown in Figure 6-25. Figure 6-25 (a)

Set as the master station, complete the XO ~ X7 state input, (DO + D2) operation, status output, and

Timer operation settings. Figure 6-25 (b) is the slave setting, respectively, the output setting and comparison operation are completed.

And the timer setting and other operations.

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