1,MOV is the transfer instruction in MITSUBISHI PLC. Its function is to transmit the source data to the specified target.

For example


MOV K100 D10

When X0 is ON, K100 is sent to D10 and automatically converted to binary numbers.

The MOVP instruction is the pulse execution mode of the MOV instruction. Instructions are executed on the rising edge of execution conditions.

2,Mov refers to the continuous transmission of PLC in each scan cycle.

For example.

MOVE sends the preceding condition of the instruction.

Such as M8000 or X0 is usually closed.

PLC performs a transmission instruction once per scan.

Movp refers to the execution of a single instruction only when the preceding condition is satisfied.

X0 from normally open to normally closed, can only hold a transmission instruction, X0 does not change, it does not hold transmission.

For example, the preceding condition is variable, such as M8013 (one pulse per second).

Then transmit instructions once per second.