GX Developer Correct installation method

1, Download GX Developer 8.86


3, the installation package should be located in the D disk, unpack the file to the “886” folder

4, close all antivirus software, firewall these two software will affect the installation process of reading and writing files, first shut down the best

5, open the task manager, check whether there is a wowexec.exe process, and put it to an end

6, execute D:\886\Developer\Update\AXDIST.EXE

7, execute D:\886\ENVMEL\SETUP.EXE

8, D:\886\Developer\SETUP.EXE now has 3 points to note: 1, input and company name, with English or number 2, serial number 570-9868184103, the installation process all hook don’t strictly follow the instructions to create a new project can solve the problem of failure,

9, after installation, all anti-virus software can be opened

10, 119 alarm processing method, 360 alarm! Reinstall the SW8D5C-GPPW-C\EnvMEL setup; when the first 360 firewall alarm occurs, check all the programs that allow the program. If the check allowed, this operation will appear this alarm!

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