300plc master and 200PLC as slave station group DP network related issues

A 300PLC CPU 314C-2DP the master station and three sets of 200plc CPU 226 DP network from a station group, communication module is EM277. Preliminary 300plc and 200plc Group DP network hardware is configured to download properly, but when more than two 200plc network, after downloaded into 300 (OB blocks without programming, hardware configuration only) SF light red when the switch is pushed to the RUN mode, the last light force switch to STOP mode. Ask the teacher what’s theproblem?

The best answer

3 EM277 address is not the same, and with 300 addresses are not the same. EM277code consistent with the configuration of your address.
SF lights, can be viewed online access to the Diagnostics buffer problem.
In the procedure, add 0B82, OB86, OB121, OB122.