Three types of Siemens industrial control software introduction

Siemens industrial software is divided into three different categories:
(1) programming and engineering tool for programming and engineering tool includes all PLC-based or PC for programming, configuration, simulation and control tools needed maintenance. STEP 7 standard package SIMATIC S7 for S7-300 / 400, C7 PLC and SIMATIC WinAC PC-based control product configuration programming and maintenance of project management tools, STEP 7-Micro / WIN is running on a Windows platform S7 -200 series PLC programming, on-line simulation software.
(2) PC-based control software WinAC PC-based control systems allow the use of a personal computer as a programmable logic controller (PLC) run user programs run in Windows NT4.0 operating system installed on the SIMATIC IPC or any other commercial machine. WinAC offers two PLC, one is software PLC, on the user’s computer to run as a Windows task. Another is the slot PLC (install a PC card in the user’s computer), it has all the features of the hardware PLC. WinAC and SIMATIC S7 series processor is fully compatible with its unified programming SIMATIC programming tools (eg STEP 7), programmed to run on either WinAC, also runs on S7 series processors.
(3) human-machine interface software HMI automation software for users to project human-machine interface (HMI) or SCADA system that supports a wide range of platforms. HMI software, there are two, one is applied to the machine-level ProTool, the other is applied to monitor the level of WinCC.
ProTool for most HMI hardware configuration from the operator panel to a standard PC can be used to integrate effectively complete the configuration of ProTool in STEP 7. Configuring ProTool / lite for text display, such as: OP3, OP7, OP17, TD17 like. ProTool / Pro is used to configure all the standard PC and Siemens HMI products, ProTool / Pro not only configuration software, which runs Windows version is also used to monitor system platform.
WinCC is a truly open-oriented monitoring and data acquisition SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software can be run on any standard PC. WinCC simple operation, high reliability, integration with STEP 7 function, direct access to the PLC system hardware failure, save project development time. It is designed for a wide range of applications, can be connected to the existing automation environment, a large number of communication interfaces and comprehensive process information and data processing capabilities, its latest WinCC5.0 support via IE browser dynamic monitoring of production at the office process

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