FX2N series PLC position control module

In machine operation, speed and accuracy are often contradictory, in order to improve machine efficiency and increase speed, parking control there is a problem. So it is necessary to control. As a simple example, motor driven mechanical home by starting location, such as at top speed to return, due to the high speed stop inertia, the deviation in the home has to be large, slow down to ensure the accuracy of positioning.

Position control systems, often adopt servo motor and stepping motor driven device. Openloop control and closedloop control can be used. For stepper motors, we can adjust the send speed to change the machine‘s working speed of the pulse. With the FX series PLC, navigate through the pulse output of the unit or module, you can achieve the position of one or more points. FX2N series are described belowpulse output module and the control module.

(1) pulse output module FX2N-1PG. FX2N-1PG pulse generator unit can complete a separate axis of orientation, this is achieved through servo or stepper motor drive amplifier provides a specified number of pulses to achieve. FX2N-1PG is only used for FX2N series, with TO/FROM instruction set various parameters, and speed read out position value. The modules take up to 8 I/O point. Output up to 100kHz the pulse train.

(2) the controller FX2N-10GM. FX2N-10GM for pulse output unit, whether it is a singleaxis positioning unit, not only can handle single-speed, and interrupts location, and can handle complicated control, multi-speed operation. FX2N-10GM can have up to 8 connections on the FX2N series PLC. Maximum output is 200kHz.

(3) positioning controller FX2N-20GM. A FX2N-20GM controlled twoaxis, performs linear interpolation, circular interpolation or independent twoaxis positioning control. Maximum output pulse trains of up to 200kHz (interpolation period, a maximum of 100kHz).

(4) the programmable cam switch FX2N-1RM-E-SET. In the mechanical drive control, often to diagonal position detection, different at different position in terms of conduction, shutdown signal. Used mechanical cam switches, mechanical cam switches and high precision, but easy to wear. FX2N-1RM-E-SET programmable cam switches can be used to replace mechanical cam switches for high precision angle position detection. Complementary angle sensor cable length of up to 100m. Application and other programmable cam switches, brushless resolver high accuracy angle setting and monitoring its internal EEP-ROM, no batteries, can hold up to 8 different programs. FX2N-1RM-E-SET on the FX2N, can also be used independently. FX2N maximum 3. It takes 8 I/O point.

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