FX2N series PLC analog I/O modules

(1) analog input module FX2N-2AD. The module is a 2channel voltage input (DC 0~10V,DC 0~5V) or current input (DC 4~20mA), 12-bit high accuracy resolution conversion speed for the 2.5ms/channel. This module occupies 8 I/O point applies FX1N and FX2N, FX2NC series.

(2) analog input module FX2N-4AD. The module has 4 input channel, 12-bit resolution. Select a current or voltage input, choose user wiring is to be achieved. Optional analog value from DC ± 10V (resolution of 5mV) or 4~20mA, and -20~20mA (resolution of 20 μA). Convert at a speed of up to 6ms/channel. FX2N-4AD using 8 I/O point.

(3) analog output module FX2NP2DA. This module is used to convert the 12-bit digital 2 analog outputs. Output can be in the form of voltage or current. Their choice depends on the wiring. Voltage output, two analog output channels of the output signal is a DC 0~10V,DC 0~5V current output for the DC 4~20mA, resolution of 2.5mV (DC 0~10V) and 4 μA (4~20mA). Digital to analog conversion characteristics can be adjusted, conversion speed for the 4ms/channel. This module requires 8 I/O points for FX1N and FX2N, FX2N series.

(4) analog output module FX2N-4DA~ which has 4 output channels, providing precision 12-bit high resolution digital inputs. Conversion speed is 2. 1ms/channel, the channel number will not change conversion speed. Other properties of the module is similar to FX2N-2DA.

(5) analog input module FX2N-4AD-PT. This module matches the PT100 temperature sensor, will come from the 4 foil temperature sensors (PT100,3 line, 100 ω) input signal amplification, and convert it into 12readable data that is stored in the main unit. Celsius and Fahrenheit data can be read. Internal temperature transducers and analog input circuit, can rectify the sensor‘s nonlinear. Read a resolution of 0.2~0.3 degrees Celsius. Conversion speed: 15 Ms/channel. All the data and parameter settings can be done through the FX2N-4AD-PT software configuration, realized by FX2N TO/FROM application instructions. FX2N-4AD-PT using 8 I/O points can be used for FX1N and FX2N, FX2NC subsystem.

(6) analog input module FX2N-4AD-TC. The module match the thermocouple type temperature sensor, from 4 thermocouple sensor input signal is amplified and converted to 12-bit data can be read, stored in the main unit. Celsius and Fahrenheit data can be read. Reading of the resolution type k is 0.2 deg c; type j for 0.3 c, can be used with k(100~1200℃) and j (100~600℃) supporting the use of thermocouples, 4 channel using k/j type, conversion speed for the 240ms/channel. All the data and parameter settings can be done through the FX2N-4AD-TC software configuration. This module takes up 8 I/O point.

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