STEP 7 hardware configuration tool HW Config

Select the SIMATIC manager on the left side of the station, double-click the right window of the “hardware” icon, open the hardware configuration tool HW Config

(1) hardware directory

You can use the menu command to “view”, “directory” or the button on the toolbar to open or close the hardware directory window on the right. Select a hardware directory in a hardware object, the hardware directory below the small window to see its brief information, such as the main function of the order number and module, etc..
CP hardware directory is a communication processor, FM is a function module, IM is the interface module, PS is the power module, RACK is the rack or guide rail. SM is a signal module, in which the DO, AI respectively is the digital quantity input module and the digital quantity output module, AO, DI respectively is the analog quantity input module and the analog quantity output module.

(2) hardware configuration window

Figure 2-20 the upper left window is the hardware configuration window, the window is placed in the host frame and the expansion of the rack, and use the interface module to connect them. PROFIBUS-DP network can also be generated in the window, and placed DP from the station on the network.

(3) hardware information display window

Select the hardware configuration window in a rack or DP slave station, the following hardware information display window will display the detailed information of the selected object, such as module order numbers, CPU firmware version number and in the MPI Network station address, and I / O module address and annotations. The upper left corner of the window button is used to switch the rack or DP slave station in the hardware configuration window.