how to program long delay PLC ladder diagram

When plc programming often need several hours, or even longer delay, the best way is  series timer, or  PLC internal counter.Using the timer series Can be a long delay, in essence, it is to allow multiple timers turn ON, delay time is Accumulating multiple timer settings.

Serial time delay

Set time of the timer T1 is a counter C100 input pulse signal, so that the delay time is several times of  T1 setpoint.

Timers and counters associated with long time delay
The internal special relay R901E (1 min clock) as the counter C100 input signal, so that the time delay is a few minutes. If a counter does not meet the requirements, the counter can be used in series, that is, the contact of the front counter is used as the input pulse signal of the back of a counter to achieve a longer time delay.
Counter long time delay

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