S7-300 PLC communication interface PLC Programming

SIMATIC S7-300 with a variety of different communication interfaces:

    Multiple communications processor is used to connect AS-i Interface, PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet bus system.

    Communications processor is used to connect point to point communication system.

    Multi-Point Interface (MPI) integrated in the CPU, for simultaneous connection programmer, PC machine, HMI systems and other SIMATIC S7 / M7 / C7 and other automated control systems.—- Users can easily communicate using Step7 configuration software.—- CPU supports the following types of communication:

    Process Communication(Exchange process image) to the I / O module addressing cycle through the bus (AS-i or PROFIBUS).

    Data CommunicationsIn between automatic control system or human-machine interface (HMI) and several automatic control systems, data communications will be conducted periodically or user program or function block call.Through the process of PROFIBUS communication– – S7-300 via communications processors, or connected through integrated on the CPU on the PROFIBUS-DP interface PROFIBUS-DP network.—- With PROFIBUS-DP master / slave interface from the CPU can enable users to easily and efficiently configured.—- Also, the user via PROFIBUS-DP distributed I / O just like centralized I / O, like, have the same configuration, address and programming.—- The following equipment can be used as the communication master:SIMATIC S7-300(Via PROFIBUS-DP interface with the CPU or via PROFIBUS-DP)SIMATIC S7-400(With PROFIBUS-DP CPU via the interface or via PROFIBUS-DP CP)SIMATIC C7(Via PROFIBUS-DP interface with the C7 or via PROFIBUS-DP CP)S5-155U S5-115U / h, S5-135U and with the IM308 / HS5-95U with PROFIBUS-DP interfaceSIMATIC 505—- It should be noted that, in a line Do not connect two or more master.—- The following equipment can be used as slaves:ET200B / L / M / S / X distributed I / O devicesThrough CP342-5 of S7-300CPU315-2 DP, CPU316-2 DP and CPU318-2 DPC7-633 / p CP, C7-633 DP, C7-634 / P DP, C7-634 DP, C7-626 DPAlthough with STEP7 programmer PG / PC or OPPROFIBUS- DP run MPI functions. .Through the process of AS-i communication—- For the AS-i interface bus, S7-300 has a suitable communications processor (CP342-2) used to connect field devices.

      Data Communication Overview—- S7-300 has a variety of means of communication.Data packets can be exchanged through networking with global data communication network between the CPU;Communication with other sites on the network block event-driven communications.– MPI, PROFIBUS or Industrial Ethernet.– Global Data via global data communication services, networking CPU can periodically exchange data with each other (up to 4gd packets, each packet has 22 bytes / cycle). For example: a CPU can access the data of another CPU, memory bits and process image. Global data communication can only be carried out by MPI. Configured in Step7 in the GD table. .– Communication of S7 / M7 / C7 communication service can use an internal system block established.MPI standard communicationExtended communication via MPI, K-bus, PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet networks (S7-300 only as a server)For s5 series and third-party communications services may be used to establish a non-resident block.PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet now S5 compatible communicationVia PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet standard communication (third-party devices)—- Comparison with the global data, communication connections must be established for the communication function.

      By CP data communication (point to point)—- With CP 340 / CP 341 communication processing module may establish economic and convenient point to point links. In the three kinds of communication interfaces based on a variety of communications protocols can be used.20 mA (TTY)RS 232C / V.24RS 422 / RS 485Can be connected to the following devices:S7 PLC and S5 PLC and third-party systemsprinterRobot ControlScanners, bar code readers, etc.

    Via the multipoint interface (MPI) data communication—- Multi-Point Interface (MPI) communication port integrated on the S7-300 CPU. It can be used for simple networking.MPI can simultaneously connect several STEP PG / PC, HMI 7 (HMI) withGlobal DataNetworked CPU (GD) services to exchange data with each other periodically (each program cycle allows up to 16 GD packets, each packet up to 64 bytes). S7-300 cpu can exchange a maximum of four including a 22-byte packets, and can have up to 16 CPU involved in data exchange (with step7 v4.x above programming software). Global data communication only via the MPI interface. .Internal communications bus (K- bus)The K bus MPI CPU is directly connected to the S7-300. That can k bus interfaces MPI for FM / CP modules can be addressed directly from the programmer.Powerful communications technology– Up to 32 MPI stations– Each CPU up to 8 dynamic communication– News for connection with the SIMATIC S7 / M7 300/400, C7 standard communication– Each CPU up to 4 static communication connection is used with the programmer, PC machine, SIMATIC HMI systems and SIMATIC S7 / M7-300 / 400, C7 to expand communication.– Data transfer rate 187.5 kbit / s or 12 Mbit / secFlexible expansion capabilitiesWith the following reliable components to configure the MPI communication: LAN cable, LAN connectors and RS 485 repeaters are used PROFIBUS and “distributed I / O” series. These components ensure the best configuration. For example, between any two MPI nodes can be given up to 10 repeaters in series to span long distances.

      Data communication via CP (PROFIBUS or Industrial Ethernet)—- SIMATIC S7-300 can be connected to the PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet bus systems via CP 342/343 communication processor.Can be connected include:SIMATIC S7-300CNC seriesSIMATIC S7-400Robot control systemSIMATIC S5-115U / HIndustrial PCCompilerPersonal computerDrive controllerSIMATIC HMINon-Siemens device